Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Decisions, decisions....

Our house on Cowbird Lane is coming to a close rather quickly. Before we know it we'll be packing up and leaving Green Meadows for greener pastures on Cowbird Lane!

We've been doing a lot of decision making in the last several weeks. Lights, faucets, tile, fans, tables, washer & dryer, you name it. It's been so exciting to pick out all new stuff and to know that it won't be much longer and a new chapter in our life will begin. Granted, it's not all been a piece of cake or easy by any means. There have been a few bumps in the road, a few compromises here and there. Thank goodness I have a husband that can help me make a decision rather quickly. It's actually been quite funny to me that I will go and look at things in the store for what seems like an eternity and bring it home and show Travis and he makes his decision within thirty seconds or less. Could it be because he knows if he hem hauls around that we'll be stuck picking out light fixtures for three weeks, probably. I must add, that most of his 'decorating' decisions aren't really that bad after it's all said and done. For example, I had a tile picked out for the kitchen and he picked out the bathroom tile for the master bath. The master bath tile came in first, and I LOVED it!!!! So much that I actually asked him if he thought it would be too late to change our minds on the kitchen tile. His answer.... yes. Much to my surprise, or was it more luck on my behalf, the tile place called and said they were not going to be able to get the tile I wanted for our kitchen, would the bathroom tile be an option?! God knew my heart wasn't set on that other tile, LOL!!!!

Anywho, thankfully all of our decisions have turned out to be good ones in our opinion that is. I've had a few comments here and there on my "canary yellow", "banana yellow", "mustard yellow" kitchen, but hey it's my kitchen, right?!. Just for all of those who made those accusations, the correct name for it is Carribean sunset and with the cabinets and all it looks wonderful! :) Just make sure if you come over before 2p.m. that you bring your sunglasses if you plan on sitting in my kitchen for awhile!!!

Now today, we are stuck at re-choosing our carpet. Of course the carpet I chose was WAY out of my budget, but that's okay because my new option looks better then my first. Are we seeing the pattern of how this is going for me?! I should never trust my first choice!! The original color I picked was a light beige color, now I'm going with more of a straw/tan color. I could be totally wrong on the colors that I'm calling it but that's what I see.

I'm just so glad that everything for the most part has gone so smoothly during our build. The weather for the most part has been cooperative, the workers have all shown up on time (granted they weren't all the fastest, they showed up nonetheless). You hear so many stories about building is not what it's cracked up to be, it's a hassle, it's aggravation blah, blah, blah. Well, let the Higginbothams be the first to tell you that our experience wasn't half bad.

We look forward to sharing our home with family & friends in the near future. Thanks to all who have listened to me whine about my choices and options and for reminding me that the little things I'm fretting over other people are never even going to see.

Off to look at the carpet some more! Toodles!


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