Sunday, October 19, 2008

Girls Day Out!!!

Saturday was "girls day"! My friends, Renee, Traci, Tammy, and I set out for a day of fun & shopping. We didn't have a set plan or a set time to return home. Just to spend the day together doing girl stuff. Shopping, browsing, laughing, crying, and did I mention shopping?! :) To me girls day is such a fun time, and something all women should do. We owe it to ourselves to take a break from our normal routine, and just laugh and enjoy each others company.

Friends have always been a huge part of my life and that is why I try to make it a point to make special days with these ladies. As we spent time together on Saturday I realized that we are all so different but yet we are all the same. We pretty much all want the same things out of life. We have a lot of the same fears, dreams, and quirky ways about us. We all come from different places, different up bringings but yet we still have a connection. I am so grateful that I have friends that I can count on, friends that I can call when I need them to pray for me or my family. Friends that will make me laugh for no apparent reason, and the friends that will cry with me just because I need to cry.

As we sat at a little cafe in St. Augustine, we were having a pretty serious conversation about our faith and at what points in our life we are. God has been so wonderful to each one of us, and as I sat and listened to each of us talk, I thanked God for sending these three women into my life. Women that believe the same as I do, women that know that serving God is the way to live. I could have sat at that table for hours with these ladies and I don't think one of us would have ever gotten bored. It's such a blessing to find friends that you enjoy being around, and cherish their friendships. It was also brought to my attention that you don't always know what the other person is going through or struggling with. I have always known this, but it often slips to the back of your mind because you always think, well they don't mention any problems so all must be well. Again, it's nice to know that their are friends that you can truly pour your heart out too and know that they will lift you up in prayer.

These aren't the only three friends that I feel this way about. I have several that hold a very, very special place in my heart. Each friend I have, brings a different joy to my life and I truly am thankful for each one that is a part of my life. If any of you are reading this, and you know who you are... thank you. Thank you for your friendship, your loyalty, your compassion, your trust, and most of all your love. Life is too short to not tell the ones that you care about that you do care, I love each of you dearly and pray God's blessings upon each of you!

Looking forward to our next "girls day", and hoping it is sooner then later!

Gods blessings to you all!


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Kari said...

Special girlfriends are a blessing!!! Glad you guys had such a fun day together.