Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little at a time

So today I continued with my packing. Holy moly, where on earth did I ever get so much junk? Better yet, why on earth did I ever let it accumulate to this?! Bag after bag, I've walked to the garbage and thrown away junk papers, or just pure JUNK. One side of the wall in our dining room is 3-4 boxes high, and the other side is growing just as tall of stuff to be donated to a local fire department for their annual yard sale. Why am I not having the yard sale and reaping the benefits of my junk? Well, I'm exhausted, I'm chasing a three year old, I'm packing a 2100 square foot home, and don't forget, I'M PREGNANT! By the time 6:00 rolls around, I am close to not being able to move another muscle.

I packed until 4:30 today, when I went to pick Carter up from school. After picking him up I came back home and Travis was disassembling Carter's swing set. I must admit, it was somewhat bitter sweet to think we are actually just about to start moving "our things" to our new place.

After it was loaded, we headed off. Carter was so excited that his slide was going to the new house. When we arrived he couldn't understand why we needed to say hello to his grandparents that were standing on the porch wanting to see the house. He was only concerned about his slide. We toured the house with the grands while he sat outside on the grass pouting! :) Poor kid, it's funny how their little priorities are so HUGE!! After touring the house, we went out and Travis did put the slide and swing set together. Did he ever make his little boy happy.

It's just the beginning of many days of swinging, sliding, running outside and enjoying the openness and peacefulness of our new home.

Until next time, God Bless!

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