Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The MIRACLE of life

The exciting news of a couple expecting a child has always been something that could make me smile. The thought of a precious, innocent child joining this world just warms my soul. When I found out that my friend Heather was expecting, I was found with these same emotions yet again. I'm a complete softy when it comes to babies & new mommies! There's nothing like seeing a new mother interact with her child. The love is instant and it amazes me how, the new parents just can't seem to take their eyes away from that little one for half a second.

I met Heather several years ago when she was maybe 12, if my memory serves me correctly. She and her family are some of our closest friends and I was so excited when she asked if I would take pictures when her little one joined the world. I've watched Heather grow up in a way, and she was my baby sitter for Carter (the few months I went back to work), and now she is a mommy!

When I woke up this morning, after not being able to sleep all night from pure excitement, I was antsy & ready to meet Miss Rylee Sue! We arrived at the hospital around 8ish and the show immediately got on the road. I tried to contain my excitement as much as possible but come on, seriously, who can contain themselves knowing that a child is soon to join the family?! Heather was as calm as a cucumber and passed the time like it was nothing. I snapped my pictures here and there and hope that I captured the day for them to look back on.

Then the nurse said it. Those magic words, "it's time!" The adrenaline kicks in, the nerves kick in, and the sheer excitement overflows out of each person that has been patiently waiting all day. Everyone is cheering Heather on, and wishing her the best. The real work started at about 3:15 p.m.. Heather was a pro, and never complained once. She did her job, and did it well! :) At 3:58 p.m. Miss Rylee Sue, joined the world. Her parents were forever changed at that moment. They were overwhelmed with a love that they had never known before! It was instant, it was endless, and it was obvious.

Watching the two of them, reminded me of the day I welcomed my precious little boy into this world. All those same emotions came back to me, as I'm sure they do any mother that witnesses a birth. I feel so honored, and blessed to have been a part of this very special day. I wish this new little family many years of happiness, joy, precious memories, and most of all the love that they felt today may it never end.

Heather, I'm more proud of you then I could ever express and I wish you the very best as you begin your journey as a mother. It's the most precious, amazing gift that God gives us. Treasure each and every day, every second, and take nothing for granted. Before you know it, you'll be looking at your little one who has turned into a three year old in what seems like over night.... trust me, I'm living that now! I pray God will bless each of you and keep you all safe. Rylee is beautiful and I can't wait to watch her grow. I love you both very much! Take care, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Blessings to all...

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