Monday, August 24, 2009

Carter's starts VPK

The summer is over, and school has started back.  My little guy is in k4 now.  That sounds so weird to say.  It doesn't seem like I should have a child old enough for k4.  He was so excited to be going back to school, he loves it!  However he was very disappointed when he found out I would be picking him up before lunch time.

Our morning started with several bumps.  I over slept.  School starts t 8:00, we have to be there at 7:50.  Well, I didn't wake up until 7:20!!!  Tucker had a really rough night on Sunday, so when we finally did doze off, I was out!  To say the least I jumped up and immediately started rushing. Carter was up and ready, talking about how excited he was to go.  I was making sure I remembered everything we needed to get out the door.  Forget makeup, or getting dressed, I just threw on a pair of yoga capris and tshirt and prayed I didn't have to get out for whatever reason. I walked back to the kitchen to get Carter some breakfast, hoping that things would just start falling into place, when I smelled something horrible.  I thought, we took the garbage out last night what is that smell?  I walked around the bar, passed Tucker and realized 'the smell' was him!  Yep, you guessed it.  He had me a nice little package!!  I thought, oh boy... then when I got to his room I really thought, OH BOY!!  It was one of those up the back packages.  I did not have time for this.... I HAD TO GET OUT THE DOOR!!!  I get him cleaned, and put him in the walker so that I could finish with Carter.  While Tucker was playing, I ran Carter out to the truck, buckled him in, and came back for Tucker and my coffee.  My mind racing, did I have everything?  Did I sign the paper Carter needed, did I put his extra clothes in the bag, did I give him his medicine?  Check, check, unchecked!  I forgot to give him his medicine, so I grab it along with Tucker, and my coffee and head out the door.  I reach for the door handle when Tucker decides he's going to start beating me like a drum with his hands.  My coffee, it was everywhere!  All down the front of my clothes, all over the floor, but luckily it missed him!  I just shrugged and thought I'll have to get that later, don't have time for it now.  So yes, I left coffee puddled on the floor and off we went.  

I was flying down the driveway.  Carter says, "Momma, these people (our neighbors) are going to think you are crazy driving so fast!"  He has heard my mom say that on numerous occasions when she is with us. I just chuckled and said son, I am crazy! :)  On the way to school I was reminding him that he needed to make sure he listened to Mrs. Cicero.  Raise his hand when he wanted to speak, and be nice and share with the other children.  He said, "I know momma, I know."  We arrived at the school, and waited in line for a teacher to come walk him to class.  As he got out of the truck he said, "Bye momma, love you!"  and off he went.  He was so excited, and ready.  Another very bitter sweet moment for me.

Tucker & I came back home, and just did what we normally do on a Monday.  Clean, laundry, and play. 10:50, we left to pick up Carter.  When we got there, we waited in the line, and then here he comes.  All smiles!!!  The teacher helped him in the truck, and as she shut the door I asked how his day was.  He said, "Momma... (sigh), Mrs. Cicero turned my name."  I just looked at him.  She what?  "She turned my name momma, I was talking to Cody and she told us to stop, but we were still talking!"  I just shook my head and told him, son, it's the first day of school and you got your name turned?!  Great!!!  He said, but we were talking!!  Yeah, I got that.  :) 

He then brought up that he was still upset with me that I didn't let him stay with his friends.  I tried to explain that k4 is only until 11:00.  He said, then take me to Burger King. He's not hard to please! ;)  I looked through his folder while waiting in line at BK, and found his bible verse for the week.  "In the beginning, God created the heaven & earth."  Genesis 1:1.  We started repeating it and by the end of the day, he had it!!  I'm so proud of him.

We picked up some lunch from BK, and then it was home for some down time, then nap time. His first day of k4, a success.  He's a pro at leaving momma!  So glad that he is not afraid to be with other kids, and away from me.  It makes it easier to leave him.  I thought today while he was gone, how much will this year change him?  What new things will he come home and tell me all about?  How much will he grow and mature?  Starting school, granted it's only pre-K, is a big step.  It's the end of baby, toddler days, and nothing but big boy days ahead.  Soccer, baseball, football and all that other 'boy' stuff that comes.  It's so amazing to me how our children grow up, change, their likes and dislikes change but at the end of the day they are still the 'little' person that makes our day.  They can teach us so much if we let them. I look forward to what God has in store for us throughout this school year.  I pray that He will bless the school year, the teachers, and the students.   

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