Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's a date!!!

Couples with children know all to well that dates are few and far between, and sometimes just plain non existent!  Well, I my friends had myself a date!! Granted, it was not with my husband but with the next best thing, my Carter!!

Dora the Explorer came in to town and so I decided to ask little Carter out on a date.  We made our way downtown, and all the way there he kept asking if Diego would be there.  I told him I was sure he would be.  As we came closer and closer to the venue, his excitement soared.  He was singing Go Diego Go, Go Diego Go!  I was so glad that he and I were spending some much needed time together, just us.  We finally found a parking space and off we went.  We passed the hot dog stand and he asked if we could eat lunch there... I cringed! :0  During the show I talked him into getting Krystals (I know.... not much better then a hot dog on the street, huh?).  

We walked into the Times Union Center and the excitement of each and every child in that place was felt!  Dora and Diego toys were being sold, little girls were dressed as Dora carrying their Dora dolls, or Boots.  Little boys were sporting their Diego Rescue Packs, and as you guessed it, my Carter had to have one as well!  He became the proud new owner of a rescue pack, and a dora/diego light!

Off to our seats.  The stage was set, and a bright picture showing "Dora the Explorer" was lighting the stage.  Carter couldn't stand to sit down.  He insisted on standing, and waiting to see Diego. The show started and his eyes were big as a silver dollar.  We sang, we danced, and I sat and watched my date have a wonderful time.  His eyes, his smile, his dance moves all too cute for words!

After the show, we made our way to the tasty Krystlas.  He ate his little burger, all his fries, and asked for his Oreo!  Then believe it or not I had to insist that we stop by Toys R Us to get ideas for his upcoming birthday.  Once in the store, he was in heaven!

No, this was not some wine and dine date but it was simple and full of love.  I enjoyed spending just one on one time with Carter and hope that the day meant as much to him as it did to me.  

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