Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's time to say goodbye

Big boys don't drink from sippy cups, right?  Well, then it's time that these suckers take a plunge out of my cabinet and into the trash!  And that is just what happened this weekend!!

I had been talking to Carter about we needed to toss his sippy cups.  Each time it turned into a heated discussion and to be quite honest rather then pressing the issue I just let it go.  He'll get rid of them when he's ready, right?  So, with his birthday right around the corner I brought up tossing the cups.  He looked at me and with excitement he said, "Sure mom!  Let's toss 'em!"  So, I found a big bag, put him up on the counter and one by one he tossed each one of them away.  

Yes I know what some of you are thinking.  Three year old still drinking from a sippy cup?  Yes, he was.  He can drink perfectly fine out of a regular cup, but I was avoiding spills all over our carpet and less clean up for myself.  There, I said it... I'm lazy! :)  But not anymore, now we must just endure the fact that Kool-Aid, chocolate milk, or tea could end up on the floors.  Nothing a little Resolve can't take out is it?!  

Watching him toss those cups, another clear indication I don't have a baby Carter anymore.  I am not really sure why but turning four is a little hard for me.  It's that I'm not a baby anymore stage, I'm a big boy.  Quite frankly, I'd like to keep him little but I haven't quite figured out how to make time stand still yet, so... to heck with that idea.  

So if you come to visit us, hope you are drinking out of a cup otherwise you'll be sipping from Tucker's bottles! :0


Lindsey said...

Love your cabinets! Good for him and sad for you...But what a big boy.:) I'll be sure to pick you up some resolve every time I see it on sale!

Kari said...

oh....go you!! Delaney does both still.. with Avery its just better that way!