Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The cowboy training begins

While I was folding clothes, the boys were hanging out on Carter's bed.  I stepped out of the room to the hall closet only to turn around to hear Carter saying, "Momma, he's a real cowboy!" and seeing little Tucker with this big 'ole hat on his head.  It was the cutest thing.  My oldest little cowboy, teaching the younger one the ropes at such an early age.  When I saw Carter giggling and laughing, I just knew that my days ahead are going to be filled with mischief from these two little fellas.  I can't wait though.

Later that afternoon Carter was playing with his tractors and I gave one to Tucker and Carter said, "NO!  That's mine!"  I told him that was not polite and Jesus doesn't like it when we act like that.  Jesus wants us to share with our little brothers.  He looked at me with a very serious face, then made a deep voice and said, "you don't have to share!"  I looked at him and he then replied with, "That was Jesus, he said I don't have to share!"  Oh the things this kid can come up with.  I didn't know whether to laugh or just ignore it.  I ended up laughing and explaining that Jesus is never mean to anyone, he shares with everyone.  After that he gladly shared his tractor with his brother.  Then last night as he was getting ready for bed he asked if I would rock him to sleep.  I gladly jumped at the opportunity since he usually wants his daddy to put him to bed. When he climbed up in my lap he said, "Momma, why do we have to go to bed?"  I told him because the sun went down and that's our way to know it's time to get some rest for the next day.  He says, "the sun was really hot and had to cool off? and Momma, is Jesus going to sleep?"  Yes Carter, the sun was really hot and needs to cool off for tomorrow, and no, Jesus will be awake if you get scared.  He sighed, closed his eyes and I rocked my almost four year old to sleep.  Travis looked our way and said, "he can be so sweet when he wants to be!"  I just smiled.  Regardless of his rambunctious ways, and his days of totally ignoring me, he's still the sweetest little man I know.  

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Sebrina said...

these boys will be up to no good together before you know it.LOL Tucker looks like he has changed his looks..CAn't believe how well he is setting in that Bumbo seat..strong little guy..