Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ready, set, SLIDE!!!

This weekend was busy like all the other weekends.  We purchased a water slide for Carter's upcoming birthday and I just could not resist letting him get on it early, knowing how much he loves them.  So he spent his day on Saturday, for six hours, on the slide.  Travis mowed the fields, and I did some shopping with my mom.

To say that the slide is a hit, is a complete and total understatement!  When I came home, he was like a noodle.  Unable to move another muscle, completely worn out.  Had I known that a waterslide would do that, we would have purchased one a long time ago.  I have never seen Carter just lay there so exhausted he didn't want to move.  

After about an hour of resting (short lived), he was up and at it again.  Running, playing, chasing our friend Thomas and feeding Thomas frogs.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He was feeding Thomas frogs.  Luckily he wasn't really eating them, but Carter thought he was!  Thomas would throw the frog and Carter never saw him.  Once Thomas had eaten his share of frogs, his fiance Kady said, "you know, he's going to try that sooner or later."  She no more then said that when Carter raised his fist to his mouth and Kady and I both said, "DO NOT EAT THAT FROG!"  He couldn't understand why Mr. Thomas could eat the frogs but he couldn't. We told him Thomas had been eating them a long time, and he was used to them but little boys that aren't would get really sick.  It worked! :)  Thanks to Thomas for making Carter's night a fun one, and for adding one more thing to the list of 'don'ts' I have for my sweet child.  Now, I have to make sure he doesn't eat the frogs when he catches them.  OH... and he likes to put them in his pocket now, like Mr. Thomas!   (((Paybacks are coming Thomas... just remember that)))

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Lindsey said...

Love this! This slide looks amazing..why didnt they have things like this when we were small?? All we had was that ugly yellow slip and slide! :)