Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello Mr. Froggy

I mentioned earlier about Carter feeding Mr. Thomas some frogs.  Well, it's crazy how just a month ago he was so afraid of frogs.  Now, he runs after them like they are the newest, most exciting toy on the market.

The other evening Travis was washing down the house, and oh my stars at the frogs that come out of the siding.  There were hundreds of them!!  Carter found his new friend.  Each time he would lean down to catch the little guy (or gal, heck I don't know) it would hop and Carter would hop. This went on for a bit until finally, he had him!!  A cute little, green, tree frog. Carter held on to him for dear life.  

The little guy was covered in dry grass, so Carter decided that he needed a bath.  So he snagged the hose while Travis was not looking.  He went to spray off the frog and instead sprayed himself in the face.  It was the funniest thing.  I must admit though, I saw what was about to happen and rather then telling him, I made sure my camera was ready!  It didn't seem to bother him though, he did it again and again.  

Finally he decided it was time for Mr. Froggy to go.  He put him on the brick ledge, and off he went.  I just love summer evenings like tonight.  They remind me of when I was a kid, and all the fun I had.  

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