Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chim chimeny chim chim, cheroo!

You know that line, don't you? It's from the movie Mary Poppins?  Oh how I wish I had some of Mary Poppins magical powers some days. If only the quirky little song made all the toys jump up and lead themselves to the toy box. How I'd love to take a walk through the park and jump into a painted picture on the sidewalk and dance to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, oh the fun my children and I would really have!  Oh, and the best would be to fly around on with an umbrella. Beats Jacksonville traffic by a country mile!!  (((Another reason I tend to stay in the country as much as possible))) I almost forgot about the I love to laugh song. That was one of my most favorite parts!

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this. Well, yesterday morning I was scurrying around trying to get my house in order. I was to babysit a friends little girl and I knew with two babies (11 mo. Tucker, and 16 mo. Rylee) that I would have to devote my full attention to them. So I was cleaning up the bathroom, making our bed, and off to start a load of laundry. As I came through the living room Tucker-bear was doing his thing. He wasn't messing with anything and was in his own little world in the corner playing with the books. So, I figured I had enough time to start a load of laundry and fold a load while I was at it. 
I finished folding the load, crossed over the baby gate, only to find my Tucker-bear.... IN THE FIREPLACE!  Well, not really in it but, yeah you know where I'm going. He was sitting on the stone, had opened the door and was having himself a good old time making clouds of ash go everywhere!  SERIOUSLY, this child does not cease to amaze me. I posted earlier this week, he's a w.i.l.d man!!!  His mouth and hands were covered in black smutty grossness! I couldn't do anything but laugh. What had just happened was a clear indication of the past year with Tucker, completely unpredictable!!!! All I could think of was the chimney sweeper from Mary Poppins. 
I couldn't wait to tell my Travis, my mom, and Renee. I figured Travis would think I was nuts, my mom would give Tucker the 'aww, you wouldn't have let Carter do that', and Renee would just give me the 'it happens'. I seriously thought it was funny. Call me irresponsible, call me a bad mom, it's no different then the mom that turns her back for a split second only to find her kid covered in diaper rash cream, or marker, or makeup, or the wall colored five different shades. It was a moment I will not soon forget, probably never. Talk about leaving handprints on the wall... now that my friends would have been a mess!
For those of you that are wondering, he's perfectly fine. A little ash never hurt anyone, although I'm sure my kid's the only one that's played in the fireplace.  :)  Just another unpredictable day on Cow Bird Lane. I'm sure it's just the beginning of days that will try my mothering skills, make me laugh, or make me cry. Bring it on fellas... I'm ready for whatever you have to offer!  


Mrs. Clean Freak said...

Hilarious!! U know I thought ma jj was bout the only one getting into EVERYTHING! I can't turn ma head for a second or she is doing something....I don't care what it is and how many times I be like "no" she is just very determined.........I'm seeng maybe its their age but I honestly don't remember ma oldest being THIS active! LOL

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