Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm sorry, how old are you?

I'm obviously in a PMS type of mood because everything is on my nerves. Tonight we decided we would go to dinner at Olive Garden. We learned a long time ago that with kids you need to go before it even remotely gets close to bed time to avoid any sort of catastrophe, or melt downs. We arrived at Olive Garden around 5:30.

We were at our table within less then five minutes. Carter was coloring, quietly. Tucker he was gnawing on Travis' cell phone like a mad man. They sat us in one of those rooms off to the side that only has about six tables. I was thinking, why me. Why did they sit me in this closed in room so that it seems like the kids are ten times more loud then they really are?  I have to give the little crumb snatchers credit, they did really, really good!  Of course, Carter had to go to the bathroom. We have this deal that in restaurants and other public places that I always take him because Travis swears that the mens bathrooms are in far worse condition the the women's. I've often wondered how he knows, I mean does he go to women's bathrooms on a regular basis????  So off we went. It wasn't too bad.  Back to the table, we enjoyed our meal and just before we were finished my sweet Carter says, "I've really got to go... now!" That's usually an indication that he really needed to go a few minutes prior but he's just waited too late.

I rushed him back to the bathroom, and of course there is a line. The next stall that came open we went into. A young lady around 19 years old came out. As we went in I was disgusted by the fact that here was a grown woman that had just used the restroom and obviously didn't realize that she peed all over the seat, and floor!! All I could think is, how old was she? Surely she knows that she peed the seat and floor. I mean don't you have to turn around to flush the toilet?  Talk about frustrated, I mean seriously... come on. As the old saying says, "if you sprinkle, when you tinkle... please be sweet and wipe the seat!" We turned out of the stall only to find her, gone. We weren't in there ten seconds, and she's gone! So to my assumption... she didn't wash her hands either. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!

I was so frustrated, annoyed, angry, and completely blown away that a grown woman would first pee all over the seat, and then walk out and not even wash her hands. You have no idea how badly I wanted to hunt her down in that restaurant and let everyone in the place no she wet the seat AND she did not wash her hands. Again, gross, gross, gross!!!

So my point is this.  Do you sit in pee at home? No. Do you want to sit in pee out and about? OF COURSE NOT! Moral of the story, act your age. Have some respect for the public. Do us all a favor and aim for the hole, if you miss, clean it up. And is it asking to much that you wash your filthy hands?  The world wonders why we have germs everywhere, probably because the person sitting at the table next to you is too cool to wash their hands.

Rant over. Sorry for two in one day. I promise I'll try to kick the crabbiness, but the truth's the truth!


Jessica said...

Yuck! Tom says the same thing about public men's rooms. Maybe it's true or maybe it's just a conspiracy to make us have to take the kids to the bathroom.

Sarah said...

Yeah, people are filthy, filthy pigs.
Public bathrooms disgust me.

I will get to the point where my bladder is about to explode before I will go use one. But, like you, I have a kid who's "gotta go..NOW!" So, I'm in them more than I'd like to be.

And I always see people leave w/o washing.

The other day my teenage daughter was in the Walmart bathroom (might as well just bathe in a turd) and this lady came out and was leaving, my daughter says to her, "YOU FORGOT TO WASH YOUR HANDS, MA'AM." The lady said, "Oh yeah, sorry." And then went and washed. I, of course, had to mention to my teenager that she wasn't very respectful in saying that. But in my head I was sayin, "YOU TELL HER,GIRL!! YEAH!!"

Mrs. Clean Freak said...

EWWW! So NOT cool!I don't touch the seat @ all in public so IF i do tinkle on da seat I clean it up and of course its the GOLDEN RULE 2 wash your hands ESPECIALL in using da public restrooms!

Anne said...

Totally with you on the pee and on Tiger. Both situations are equally yucky and frustrating. If I ran the world the media would be completely different and no one would pee on seats in public bathrooms ;)