Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've been reprimanded!!!

Not really, but it was brought to my attention today that I needed to blog. So, here I am. I've been so very busy lately. I have something exciting to share with you all, but not just yet. No, I am not pregnant!! I've been so busy that I didn't even realize that Tucker's birthday is just weeks away. Very last minute I ordered his party supplies and invites. I am patiently awaiting their arrival today so that I can get them and get the invites addressed and in the mail TODAY! Each year I seem to get more and more behind on things I once had ready weeks prior!
The boys are good. Carter begs every morning in hopes that I won't send him to school. Poor kid, if only he realized this is his 'life' for the next thirteen years!! He's awesome though. He's starting to spell small words, he's recognizing all the letters and pointing them out in the mall, or when he sees the letter of the day on a sign while we are driving. Each day I stand amazed at his awesomeness! Tucker-bear, he's round, he's chubby, he's teething, he's eating us out of house and home!!! We had a visit with the pediatrician this week to check on a rash that he has on his face. I was thinking it was something that only a prescription would heal. We've been using Eucerin lotion but it wasn't helping at all. The doc says it's drool rash and to add some aquaphor lotion with the Eucerin. Sure enough, after two applications, he's looking much better already! Tooth number nine made it's way through the skin last Saturday. The others won't be long.
Travis is busy, busy with his new cow expedition he's on. He just purchased 130 cows from Papa and each week he goes to the sale in search of more. He's at home with those cows, if only they would clean up after him! :)  I'm proud of him. He's doing what he loves, he's enjoying it and you can tell by his actions. He seems calmer, more content. Nothing like finding something you love and sticking with it!
I wish I could make his hair look like this all the time, I LOVE IT!!!

Did I mention my house looks like it's not been cleaned in days, I mean weeks? I keep waiting for that merry maid to knock on the door but they want me to pay them! Huh, that's not going to happen, cause I sure as heck don't get paid for my cleaning around here! What makes them think they are so special? Well, this post is just to hold you over until I get all the pictures loaded for the other posts. And to my two friends that snapped me back into blog world... thanks! Love you gals, keep me on my toes!!!

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Kari said...

ah forget the house........ look at tuckers hair.. i love it!!!