Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger, Smiger...

Seriously, I'm so over hearing about Tiger Woods and his affair(s), or whatever else the fuss is about him. Quite frankly I'm tired of hearing about drama with celebrites all together. It frustrates me that the media puts so much attention on these people. Why can't we put attention on people that are really making a difference in the world? I mean when's the last time you heard the news talk about a Christian music artist that held a benefit concert to help feed hungry children in our own nation? What about a newstory about the local pastor that hasn't cheated on his wife of 56 years? Or the local youth group that works monthly to help in the community? These are all positive things that deserve attention but all to often go unnoticed.

I suppose I'm just frustrated that our world feeds on the negativity. Millions of people today waiting to hear what Tiger Woods has to say, when (in my opinion) he should be discussing his issues privately with his wife and family. Apologizing to the world is not going to make things hunky doorey at home. I know if my husband cheated on me I wouldn't want him on the news at noon explaining his actions! His wife deserves respect and privacy.  His press conference came from a golf course near our city. It amazes me that it's so secretive about his location, or his arrival time, but yet he is okay with talking about his personal relationship and marriage with his wife infront of the entire nation? Am I the only one that sees this as absolutley ridiculous?

I'm just voicing my opinion. No, I did not watch the interview. No, I will not pull it up on the local news site or wherever. I'm over it. I'm tired of hearing about it. Rant over... going on now.

Good day.


Julie said...

Hello, Jennifer! Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog AND telling me who you are. I've checked out your photos and really enjoyed them, too. I'm photographer by hobby myself (just got a 20D right before my nephew's wedding) and hope to make it a business in the next few years. There's always better equipment, software, etc to get....*sigh*
In the mean time, I enjoy shooting family and friends.
You looked a bit familiar to me. I wonder if we had ever met while I lived in JAX. Dr. Laubscher delivered my second little boy and we still have family in and north of JAX.
Anywho, thanks for stopping in! I look forward to seeing more of your work. Oh yeah, I agree with you about Tiger...never even cared to begin with. So over it!

Chris Reinolds said...

I agree about he should be discussing these things in private with his wife.

I guess what frustrates me is people crucifying him for what he did. No, I'm not defending him. Adultery is wrong. wrong. wrong. but... on the other hand, so is lying. And, I've lied. So is gossiping.. and I've gossiped. A friend of mine posted on facebook today and reminded all of her friends, in regards to the Tiger situation, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." Do we all remember that Christ said that? Do we remember that He was dealing with an adulterous woman when he said it? I think that, we, those that claim to be Christians especially should be mindful that we are all in the same position as Tiger. His sin became public... with most of us, our sin is private. Just my thoughts on the situation.

Jaime said...

AMEN!!! I couldn't agree more!!

Sarah said...

I agree with you. Don't wanna hear about or see his dirty laundry. I haven't watched anything on it, either. It's rediculous the things our Nation finds interesting.

But, if the media focused on all of the wonderful things that happen everyday in this country, people would realize that life isn't horrid here in the USA. And, that would ruin the whole agenda.

OK, I'm PMS'ing too..