Sunday, April 11, 2010

He is RISEN!

What does Easter mean to you? To me it's the vivid reminder that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for our sins. That Friday afternoon He died on that rugged cross to save me from the endless days of Hell. On the third day, the tomb was empty and my Savior was alive! What a story, what a price, what a gift to you and me.
We woke up early Easter Sunday to get ready for church. Growing up as a child I can rarely remember a Sunday, yet alone an Easter that we weren't in church. Church has always been a part of my life but I have not had a church home in several years. When I married and moved to a different town, I just didn't feel I had a church "home".  My dear friend Rosalind has been encouraging me, and inviting me to the church they attend. We started going a little over a month ago and from the moment I entered the doors I could feel God telling me, I've missed you... welcome back!  I can't begin to explain to you the feeling of being in church, learning the word of God, and being around other believers. We've been several times now and each time I've felt welcome, each time I've felt as if I were at my "home" church. Easter Sunday was no different. Travis and I dropped the boys off at their classes and found ourselves a pew. I'm not a back row kind of gal, so we found ourselves a seat right in the middle. I'm sure it belonged to someone but no one seemed to get huffy or puffy. By that I mean, if you know any good 'ole Souther Baptist person, you know... we have our seats! :)
Bro. Mark preached from the book of Revelation on Easter Sunday. The message was about not having fear. We serve a risen, living, Savior. Sure there are those of us that face fears everyday. As a child of God though, we have no reason to fear. He holds each day in His hand, every moment, every situation. He knows what battles we will face, and He knows the ones we will overcome and rejoice about. I feel so blessed that I am saved, and I do have a personal relationship with Jesus. I fail each and every day, there are always areas of my life that I struggle with. Luckily, God hears my cries and carries me and holds my hand each step of the way. I pray that as I do face struggles that I will remember that God holds my every moment in the palm of His hand. It's also my prayer that I don't forget to praise Him in the good times as well.
After church, our Easter was spent at my moms. We enjoyed a delicious lunch as always. The boys had fun playing in Nana's back yard with Jasmine, mom's German Shepherd. Sitting in the cool Spring breeze, enjoying the laughter of my children, the time spent with my sweet grand-parents and my mom, I couldn't stop thinking about how good God is to me each and every day. I'm blessed beyond measure. I am grateful for the little things in my life. The Sunday lunches, the little weed flowers Carter brings me, the moments I get to watch my Papa sit quietly with his hands folded in his lap, the 'advice' my dear little Granny has to offer. Days like this Easter Sunday are so appreciated and loved. Carter enjoyed hunting eggs, but when we put a frog in one of the plastic eggs and told him to give it to Nana, that was the BEST!!!!


Chris Reinolds said...

... and we LOVE having all of you. :) Glad that no one said anything to you about the seat. I'll save you the guessing though.. you sat in my parents' normal seat. :) no kidding. they didn't care though. and, travis should be glad that dad didn't know much about travis and that he does tractors, cows, etc, etc. he would've talked travis's ear off!

now, we just need carter to come to AWANA! :)

Sebrina said...

so glad you found a chuch you feel at home..I would be lost without my church family..I am lovvin the boys shoes..where did you get them? Also love the pics on the front favorite place to take pics at our house!!

Kari said...

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. So much encouragement, laughter and memories. I love my church and church family. i'm so glad you have been enjoying where your visiting. and..Awesome shots, again.

Jamie said...

I, too, am so glad you have been visiting and enjoying! I think Carter would love Awanas!!! :)