Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lulla Belle and baby

This post has pictures of a calf being born. Not for the queasy. :)

Yesterday was such a busy day. I had tons of stuff I really need to get done inside, housework, laundry, mopping (which I've put off way too long), and all the other little stuff. When I pulled out the driveway to take Carter to school I noticed that our dear friend, Lulla Belle, was off to her self a bit. When I got back home I got a call from Travis telling me her "bubble" was out. Okay, I don't think that is a technical term, but it's the term used around this farm to know that a momma is about to deliver her calf.
Lulla Belle.... BLOG
With this new tidbit of information, I grabbed my camera to go out and get pictures of the old gal. She's such a sweet, yet sometimes moody gal. She loves a handout of food, or a good scratch behind the ears and she always has pretty calfs.
Lulla Belle.... BLOG
She walked in circles, would lay for a bit, then eat a little, but you could tell something was up with her. Uncomfortable? Maybe, I don't know. Never really talked to her much, LOL!  It was around 9:00 and Tucker was starting to get close to nap time so we gave her some space and I brought him in to run off that last bit of steam. I scurried around doing as much as I could, but glancing out the window each time I passed to make sure I wasn't missing the moment!
Lulla Belle.... BLOG
Tucker finally went down for his morning nap, and I was out the door. Yes, the monitor was with me on the porch... no need to fret!  I walked to the fence and watched as I could tell she wasn't completely comfortable with me, so I kept my distance. She paced back and forth, then she came to the fence where I was standing for a good scratch behind the ears. After that she gave Lil Joe, our donkey, a few good head butts as if she were telling him back away buster, I'm in no mood for your shanningans.
Lulla Belle.... BLOG
I stayed outside until almost 10:30. Nothing. No baby, zip, notta, nothing. I normally leave at 10:55 to pick Carter up from preschool. The time came, I had to leave. I was so upset because as I was loading Tucker into the truck, she went and laid down... broad side. Lovely, Lulla Belle, just lovely. I've waited, and waited and now you're going to have this calf as I drive away. Thanks, thanks a lot.  I left frustrated that I would miss the moment.
Lulla Belle.... BLOG
After I picked Carter up I had errands I had to run. The whole time I kept thinking, she's had that calf by now, I just know it. 11:45 we pulled in the driveway only to find her right where I left her. Except she was standing instead of laying. I was certain she had given birth, until she turned. NOPE, there was the calf... in the process of being born. I couldn't believe it. It wasn't but maybe another 2-3 minutes and she welcomed her new little, long eared, black calf to Cow Bird Lane!!
Lulla Belle.... BLOG
Being the good momma she is, she immediately started cleaning her and keeping watch for us nosey onlookers! Some of you may think I'm absolutely goofy for being so excited about a cow giving birth. As corny as it sounds, I love this life. I didn't grow up on a farm so this is all new to me and quite frankly I think each and every time it's absolutely amazing.
Lulla Belle.... BLOG
Mom and baby are doing just fine. Lulla was right back to the hay ring within no time! She's not brought little bit up to close yet, she's a protective mammie!  Up close pictures of the new arrival coming soon!


Lindsey said...

Congrats Lulla Belle! :)

Susan said...

This reminds me of when my yorkie Ruby would have her pups. Always so exciting to watch her pregnancy and then even more exciting (though gross at times) to watch the pups be born. It's amazing how those animals know right what to do when it's doctor, no nurses, no epidural!

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel, I am in love with everything.. Every sound, watching the calfs play with each other, and I am SUPER jealous, because I have YET to see one give birth lol, I keep waiting.. One day right!

I so look forward to my little donkey getting pregnant! :)

Sarah said...

I love it!! How any creature can birth something that big amazes me. And, I'm glad you didn't miss it! Woohoo! Great pics, can't wait to see more. :)

bridget3420 said...

Found your blog on MBC. I'm following you now and would love it if you would follow me too: