Monday, April 19, 2010

The three stooges

I think that title fits us. We're like peas and carrots, wherever I go, they go. Whatever I do, they normally do. It's nice to get a break but usually when I get that break I'm missing them more then I expected. This weekend was no different. I had a wedding to shoot and my mom graciously accepted the responsibility of watching Mo and Larry, while Curly was at the wedding. She was going to keep them over night as well.
During the wedding, I didn't have much time to think about what they were doing but when I saw the kids playing in the creek after the ceremony I couldn't help but think how my two little stooges would love to be in that frigid water with the other kids.  Hearing the kids playing and giggling really had me missing my two little fellas.
Carter asked mom on Saturday night, "Nana, is momma coming to get us?" She told him not tonight that I'd be back the next day to get them. He replied with, "she doesn't love us anymore?!" When she told me that it made me sad, and quite honestly didn't make me want to leave them anymore. When I came through her door on Sunday I was greeted by the biggest MOMMA! from Carter. Tucker just looked at me like, oh there you are.
There sweet faces, the feel of their sweet little cheeks when I kiss them, hearing Carter giggle, the shy little smile Tucker Bear gives me, oh how I miss those little things when they aren't with me. Carter went on to tell me all about the fun stuff he'd been doing while at Nana's. Tucker became immediately attached to my hip, and that was all just fine. I always think I'll get a good, full nights sleep when they spend the night away but I don't. I never sleep soundly, I feel lost. It's the weirdest thing ever. I like having my partners in crime with me when the sun goes down!
We enjoyed lunch prepared by Big Granny, then the boys played outside for a bit. Around 4:30 I had to pack up I was off to do two family sessions. Carter wouldn't let me leave until he was certain I was coming back. Do you think he missed me?! I was only gone about a hour or so, and when I came back they greeted me with those big smiles and hugs. That's when we snagged these pictures, and I love them all!  I missed my little guys!


Sarah said...

The second to last picture is priceless! You need to enter that into some sort of contest. Beautiful!

Jamie~ said...

Aw, such sweetness! Reason number one for becoming a mama. I love being with mine, too and even when I'm out I miss them terribly. It's a good thing I'm homeschooling them. I'd be a mess!

PS Love the music. Third Day is my absolute favorite!

Ashley Stone said...

great photos!!!!