Wednesday, November 12, 2008

17 weeks...119 days

Either way you look at it, that makes me 23 weeks pregnant today. Where on earth have the last 23 weeks gone? The old saying says, "time flies when you're having fun!" I, we've, been so completely busy with all we've had going on that it seems like at times I forget I'm pregnant for a second.

Tucker has been wiggling around inside now for about 8 weeks. Carter and Travis both have felt the little guy move on several occasions. Carter loves to sit beside me at night and feel the little 'hello's' from his baby brother. He often asks what Tucker is doing and if he's kicking. The first time he felt him he said, "MOMMA! He's better, let him out!" The wonders of a child, and if it were only that simple. Carter has also felt the need to remind me of my growing belly. We were sitting together one day and he pokes me in the stomach and says, "fat belly!" I was shocked, but laughed nonetheless. Even he realizes change, LOL!

So many people have told me that with your second child you aren't as "on top" of things as you were with the first. I was bound and determined that was not going to be me. Well, when it comes to taking pictures of my growing tummy, I fell into that slacker crowd. I hate to admit that today, at 23 weeks, is the first tummy picture I've taken. **Sorry Tucker, I'm going to kick myself into gear!**

Now that I've had time for my mind to slow down a bit since moving, I've really started to think what if this is the last time I feel those little flutters inside, or those flat out punches? I'm trying to do my best to not complain, and to enjoy each and every little movement. Anyone that is a mother knows what I'm talking about. The joy and reassurance that it brings to feel your little one kicking as you await their big arrival, is something I never ever want to forget. As I sit here and type this, I think he is having a party or something. Every couple of seconds he's letting me know he's there.

I can't wait to meet you. We've only got 17 weeks to go little guy, not much longer. Your big brother can't wait for you to be here, although he's a bit hesitant about sharing his toys with you! :) I already love you more then you'll ever know. I can't wait to see who you look like and to watch you grow. I pray that God continues to watch over you as you grow and may He keep us both safe. Until March my sweet boy, I love you!
Love, Momma.

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Mrs. Bell said...

I don't know where to begin, just reading your blog and seeing your picture brought tears to my eyes.. now i know i am a bit tad emotional this week, but i just want you to know that, I am sooo happy for you and travis, you deserve every bit of happiness you receive, you are a great mother to carter and i know you are going to be just as great with tucker.. I know trav, carter, & tucker are 3 very lucky guys to have a wife and mommy like you..

i am praying for many more safe and healthy years of getting to know you and your little ones....