Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Did you miss your shadow?

As Travis pulled down our road yesterday, Carter was patiently awaiting his arrival. When I told him to look down the road, he jumped in the seat of his John Deere Gator and said or I should say screamed, "MY DADDY'S HOME, MY DADDY'S HOME!...LOOK MOM, MY DAD!" The excitement that streamed out of this little guy was precious. His little heart was so glad to finally have his Daddy home.

As soon as Travis opened the truck door, Carter ran as fast as he could to get to him!! The dogs also joined in the welcoming. I just stood back and watched, and took the moment in. Before long, Carter will be in the truck with his Daddy! As any three year old that hasn't seen his Daddy in ten days would do, Carter immediately started asking questions. Following Travis' every move, and as soon as I approached Trav, he informed me to "go away!" Momma had officially become chopped liver! That's okay though. To see these two together, you know they have some sort of special bond. :)

I asked Travis if he felt like the ground hog, on ground hogs day. Because if he did, he would surely find his shadow if he looked! Carter was on his heels every turn Travis made. Once the truck was unpacked and we headed inside, it didn't stop. He wanted to follow him to the bathroom, to the kitchen, sat on the couch with him, talked, talked, talked! This little guy had a lot of catching up to do with his Dad.

Today, Travis had some things to take care of here in town and as he left this morning, Carter was extremely upset. He cried, and cried. He wanted so bad to go, but Dad had business to take care of. We promised him that we would meet up for lunch and then he could spend the rest of the day with his Dad. We met for lunch, and he made sure that he was going with his Dad. Unfortunately neither of us remembered that Travis did not have his car seat. So, Carter rode back home with me, against his will! When we got home, guess what Travis found.... his shadow, yet again! Like white on rice, Carter was there! They piddled in the yard, played with the dogs, rode the four-wheeler, and next thing I know.... Travis has a gun! Carter has his play gun and they inform me they are going bird hunting!!! Not what I was expecting, but hey, whatever. As they walked towards the front fence, I ran inside to grab my camera. I stood on the front porch to start with, just watching them. Carter mimicking his Daddy's every move. "Shoot 'em Dad, get 'em!" , "I've got my gun Dad!" I can't begin to explain to you what joy watching these two together brings to my heart.

I went and sat on the ground near them, and with each shot of Travis' gun... I got a ringing in my ear. The dogs would scatter, and I would flinch. Carter on the other hand, he was on the hunt! Those poor birds flying over. I've been watching them all last week while Travis was out of town. I guess I'll never understand the purpose, LOL! Our routine is getting back to normal. Wake up, Dad at work, do some chores, wait for Dad to get home, play outside, eat some dinner, play some more, go to bed, just to start all over again the next day. Not real exciting days, but it's our days and they mean the world to me. We are so glad to have Travis home. Until May, when he does it again, we'll keep playing!

Enjoy our pictures from today, there are quite a few. I couldn't pick which were my favorites!

Take care & God bless!

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Mrs. Bell said...

I am glad you have your hubby back,, but that means its almost time for mine to go.. lol.. im dreading it,, but time flies right,, well hopefully!! ;(