Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daddy's helper

Yesterday Travis & Eric wired the barn and they weren't expecting extra hands to help but they sure got them! Carter woke up not feeling the best, but as soon as he saw Daddy & Uncle Eric outside he was suddenly 100% better! Out the door he went and it was just me, standing at the window watching him follow those men and mimicking everything they did. I would ask him if he wanted to come back in, and each time his response would be, "MOMMA! I'm outside helping my Dad!" Who am I kidding, seriously? I'm no where near as cool as "the boys" as Carter likes to say.

The morning passed, and I fixed lunch and told the guys to come in and eat. Once again, my little one informed me that, "MOMMA! We are busy!" I obviously don't listen very well, LOL! When they came in, I had to strip Carter to his Lightning McQueen roos. The kid was covered in black dirt from head to toe, luckily he had his rubber boots on. We had to scrub his hands before I was going to let him to the table. He hurried and ate his pizza, these big guys weren't leaving him inside with mom... no way, she's a GIRL!!!! How terrible! As soon as he finished, he wanted his work clothes back on and off he went, right on Daddy's heels.

I cleaned up the kitchen and went outside to supervise for a bit. By now, Travis had decided to get the tractor from Papa's and dig a ditch, trench, massive long hole in my yard (call it what you will) to bury the wires. As I made my way out the door, I noticed that Carter was unable to be seen. As I searched for him, I finally see his little head just barely sticking out of this ditch! He was in there driving his tractor and having the best time!! When I got closer, I could see that it was going to take the power of a fire hose to clean the kid off! There was black dirt, EVERYWHERE! His hands were stained, his face had black all over it. His little nose looked like he had been sniffing black dirt for hours!! I asked him what he was doing and he looked up and responded with, "Momma, I'm playing!" Duh, I'm such a genius sometimes!! :) Now anyone reading this knows that I cringe at the thought of dirty fingernails, and just plain old dirty. I'm trying to get better at this because, I'm obviously not going to win this battle. I just smiled at my little three foot tall walking pile of dirt and told him I loved him.

He jumped the ditch, fell in the ditch, rolled in the ditch, you name it. Then I look and Travis is at the far end holding this big roll of wire on a stick and I see little Carter pulling the other end with every ounce of his little being. As he winded his way through the ditch, he'd yell back to his Dad, "Daddy, this is hard, I can't make it!" Travis reassured him that he could do it and he just about made it to the end. These two are such a team already, hilarious, but a team none the less.

We finally talked Carter in to coming in and taking a bath, a major soaking is what this little ball of dirt needed! As he sat in the tub he looked up at me and said, "Momma, it's been a long day!" His Daddy worked him hard, and he was pooped! Once he was all cleaned we asked him where he wanted to eat and he said Long Horn. Off we went. Obviously, as any mother knows, he fell asleep before we made it 1/2 way there. He got a 10 minute power nap and woke up fired up and ready to go.

Today, a simple reminder to me that it doesn't matter how much dirt, or what might get too dirty or possibly ruined. I must let my little ones be little. The time is flying past me, and before I know it, my little ones will be my big ones and I'll be looking up to them! I'm blessed beyond measure, and God is slowly teaching me to just let go and have fun!

To another dirty day! :)



The Libby's said...

As much as I want Cle to stay little, I cant wait for him to be outside working with daddy! His wont be dirt though, it will be grease from whatever vehile they are working on!

Kari said...

That's my girl!! :)
Wasn't it SO worth it??!!