Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodbye Green Meadows, hello Cow Bird Lane!!!!

It has finally happened, the big move! We officially moved on Saturday November 1. Crazy, hectic, chaos, confusion, emotions of every kind, and sheer exhaustion is what this move consisted of. I think I speak for myself and for Travis when I say that we are both very excited and already feel at home here on Cow Bird Lane.

As last week started, I packed box after box into my truck. Moving a few things at a time, feeling as if I was doing absolutely nothing but in all reality.. I was. As "the day", Saturday, drew closer and closer I kept waiting for those feelings of this is it, or that long cry but each day passed and nothing. Friday morning, Halloween, I got little man up and as promised dressed him in his Woody costume for Halloween. The costume was at the new house so off we went at 9:30 and by 10:00 he was fully dressed in his attire! :) He couldn't have been happier.

He and I spent the day with some friends, and then it was time to go to the Fall festival at Nana's church. Off to the festival we went. Carter was excited, and those thoughts of my last night in my "first" house started to creep up in my mind. Luckily, chasing a three year old at a festival was enough to push those thoughts aside. After the festival when we got home as I sat on the couch I said to Carter & Trav, "guys this is our last night in this house" As I laid on the couch and they laid on the floor, as they always do at night, those tears and emotions that I had been wondering where they were started to flow. I kept them controlled for the sake of being made fun of by my boys. I laid there and thought about the first night that Travis and I stayed there and how excited we were to have our "first" house. Then there was the major milestone of bringing our precious little boy home. Watching Carter take his first steps, his first birthday, three Christmas' together, a little memory here, a little memory there. I actually thought about all that those four walls had witnessed, and heard over the past five years. Yes, I was having quite the moment and as I type this it's all starting to happen all over again. The part that saves me from all of that though, is the look on Carter mans face when we come up to the new house and how excited he is to be here. Life is about making memories, and holding them dear and cherishing each day as if it were your last. Do I always remember to do that, not always, but as I look back I can honestly say the years I spent on Green Meadows Lane will forever be days I'll cherish and hold so very dear to my heart.

Hello Cow Bird Lane, how calming and peaceful you are. We were up and ready to go by 9:00 on Saturday morning. Travis and the other 'helpers' had went hunting that morning so we were waiting for their arrival to get the move on the go. As the Higginbothams always go about moving, we used Papa's cow trailer. I'm telling you, when we do something, we do it right!!! :) Amazing how much junk you can fit into a cow trailer and it's not often you see a cow trailer pulling furniture instead of the usual cow! A great thank you goes out to each of our helpers, Daniel a.k.a "Son", Papa Donnie, Uncle Faron, & my precious mother. Without each of you the day would have been impossible. We asked a lot of each of you and with only a few complaints to me for having too much junk, you each helped us with a smile. We are very grateful for the kindness from you all. Piece by piece my old house, was becoming my new house. All those sappy feelings I had the night before were at the far back of my brain being flooded by the thought of "oh my stars, where did I get so much junk?!" As the sun began to set on our first day at Cow Bird Lane we were all exhausted and that is actually an understatement for what we truly were. We finally came to a stopping point and Travis, Carter and myself found ourselves on the couch.

As we sat there, exhausted and unable to move one more thing, we were all three content and happy. Who knew that in just a matter of hours everything that you own could be uprooted and transferred elsewhere but when you are all together it doesn't really matter where you are as long as you are, together. It was drawing closer and closer for Carter to go to bed. He crawled on the couch with Travis and it wasn't five minutes and I looked over and they both were laying there with their eyes closed. I picked my little boy up and walked him to his new room, his cowboy room. All day he was so thrilled about this new room, he couldn't wait to sleep in his big boy bed. Bless his heart, all he had was a new cowboy comforter but to him it was all new. I pulled back the covers and laid him in his bed and he said, "Momma, this my cowboy room?" "Yes sir, this is all yours!" "I love you momma!" All those memories that I hold so dear from my old house, have already begun in my new house. Most nights are rushed at bed time with me still having a million things to do but Saturday night I crawled in the bed with my little cowboy and laid there until I was certain he had fallen asleep. I laid there and prayed and asked God to watch over us as a family, to bless us, and to fill this home with countless memories and joy. The day had come to an end, and God provided me with a peace that He will bless our family and I look forward to the many, many, memories that are in store for each of us.

Day two, started with a cheerful good morning from our three year old. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed!! He was so excited, he had stayed in his cowboy bed all night!!!!! His first comment to me, as we walked through the kitchen, "momma, I've got to make my bed!" Does he know how to melt me or what? :) We made his bed, and since we didn't really have any real groceries in the house, we headed out to Winn Dixie and came home with pancakes and sausage. Yummy, our first breakfast on Cow Bird Lane. It was delicious, so delicious that it's had me craving pancakes every since. Yep, I've been eating pancakes every morning since!!! :) We continued to unpack boxes that day and get more settled. Even Tater & Cowboy (our dogs), are getting adjusted quite nicely to our new surroundings. I think they like it here as much as we do!

Cow Bird Lane isn't just any piece of property, oh no. It comes with memories already. Travis grew up on the dairy that once stood here and although he doesn't talk much about what that means to him, I can only imagine how special it is to him to settle down here and raise his boys (and who knows, maybe a girl one day...we are still debating whether there will be a third!!) in the same way he was. Watching him with Carter, as they watch the cows, or sit under the barn eating peanuts, I think about how truly blessed I am to be living this life with such a supportive husband that I love so very much.

I can't wait to watch our children grow up in this home and move on to start families of their own. I want this to be a place that they will always feel they have roots, and feel welcome, and may they always feel excited about coming home. May their days be filled with all the love that Travis and I have to offer them.

There were Green Meadows days that I'll remember and there a thousand more Cow Bird Lane memories waiting for me to discover. To many happy years ahead, God bless to all!

Much love,


Clark Family said...

Congrats on moving to the new house. I am very happy for you and hope all the best for you and your family. I can't wait to see pictures!

Kari said...

You need to print blurb books of your blogs!
I love how you capture all the little important details. You had me in tears.