Monday, November 10, 2008

PURPOSE... your one thing in life

Yesterday morning, I woke up and decided that since I had to go to my moms to get Carter, I might as well get ready and go with them to church. First Baptist Church of Maxville is where I grew up in church. It is where I was baptized and also where Travis & I were married. Going back there always gives you that feeling of home, and seeing all the people that watched you grow up is always interesting because they are shocked to see you, "all grown up!"

The church is without a pastor at this time, so they had a guest speaker. That's the only part of my notes I didn't write down, brilliant huh? Anywho, the title of his sermon was, "Purpse, your one thing in life" The title of this sermon perked me right up and I was tuned in. Nothing like going to church and receiving a message. So often we go through life wondering, what is my purpose? Why am I here? Does anything I do matter? Will anyone realize that I'm trying? All of these questions are answered in the pastors sermon. I took a few notes and this is what I wrote down and I just felt like I should share it. Maybe what I took from it, will strike a cord with one of you and you too can take something from this message. The bible verse was Phillipians 3:12-14.

My notes.....
*Purpose, gives us direction. It is powerful, and it provides drive.

**The life that matters has a purpose. Ask yourself, who am I, and why am I here?
....this question really stuck with me. I thought to myself, what a great question to ask when you have that feeling of, "should I be doing this?"

***How do I find my one thing, my purpose?
Romans 12:1-2 "...offer yourself..."
God has called each of us to do something. We have to pray and seek the answer from Him. Look for our God given shape.
S-Spiritual gifts
H-Heart, your passion
A-Abilities, each persons abilities are different
P-Personality, each is different
E-Experiences, the experiences that each of us have had can help answer your purpose

****Each and every person has a purpose in life. A reason that God has just for you and me. Not every purpose is the same, and we don't always have to understand our purpose but we do need to follow what we feel God has called us to do. For us to realize our gift we must first accept the gift that God gave to us. We must understand and believe that He sent his son Jesus for a purpose. Jesus' purpose in life was to die on the cross for the sins of each of us.
.....Now, with that being said, it is up to each of us to either accept that precious gift, or deny it. I can honestly sit here and say that I may not go to church each and every Sunday, but I know that if I were to die tomorrow that I would spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus. Would you?

*****God is not concerned with our past, or the wrongs in our life. His will is to have each of us follow Him & live our lives unto Him. All He asks of us is to accept His gift of eternal life.
....So many of us run and run from God and His knocks at our hearts door. I am so grateful that I have heard that knock and I pray that each of you that reads this also has a personal relationship with God. As Christians it's not our place to "save" people. That is God's job. Ours job is to be followers and let others see Jesus in us.

So, that was the sermon in a nut shell. Obviously more was said then this but this is what I took from it. I can't say that I know 100% what my purpose in life is but I'm understanding it more. I'm praying that God will open my eyes and my heart to what it is that He has planned for my one purpose in life. Think about it.... what is your purpose in life?

May God bless each of you today and always!


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