Thursday, November 20, 2008


What better to pray for then our children? This afternoon when I sat down to check my email and blog, I started jumping around from blog to blog and I came across, "Bring the Rain; The story of Audrey Caroline". As I read through the blog, it immediately jumped at me as one of my new faves to follow. I made it about half way down the first page and noticed the title, "Seven prayers a day".

Seven prayers a day, is a challenge to pray seven times a day for your child. If you aren't a parent, pray for someone you love or a need in your life. Ultimately the point I took from it was, "live my life in prayer". Prayer is so powerful, and God wants to hear from us. Prayer will draw us closer to Him, and if we will listen, He will speak to us. Prayer for our children should come naturally, but as I mentioned the other day we get wrapped up in our routine prayer. Break the routine, and choose someone that is extra special to your heart and pray for them seven times a day. I don't know about you, but personally I could use someone praying for me seven times a day!

As I read "bring the rain", she listed 7 prayers and suggested that we right them down on index cards and stick them where we would remember them at that exact time during the day. I think this is such a wonderful idea, that I hope that it touches one of you as much as it has touched me. Please check out Angie's blog and read her entry of Seven prayers a day. Here is the link

It is my prayer, that this will not just be a week long thing for me. I pray that it will be come a daily routine forever!! I pray that my children seek God's will. May they live their lives with pure hearts, and shine for Christ!!

Sending up prayers....

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Mrs. Bell said...

I like that a lot, i read her blog about it as well, and that is something i want to try my hardest to do..

i want to do it for michael... and i do pray for you as well.. You are such a inspiration to me.. I hope you know that.