Sunday, November 23, 2008

Newborn, 3month, 6month....

Lazy day around these parts. Carter and I are exhausted from our week of absolutely n.o.t.h.i.n.g!!!!! Today we've laid low, and stuck around the homestead and relaxed. We had a nice visit & lunch with the Burnseds. Always great to see such a sweet couple, and their soon to be little Madox (not much longer, Jill)! There's nothing better sometimes then just relaxing and doing nothing, you know? The house is clean, the chores are done, and I twiddle my thumbs and then I get the bright idea to sort through baby clothes, like Tucker is going to be here in a few weeks or something, LOL! :)
I pulled two huge boxes from the barn and brought them to the house. As I sat down and opened the boxes I just sat in amazement of how truly blessed we are to have so much stuff, for Carter and now for Tucker. I'm glad that I kept all the stuff!! I started to sort through everything, it started with 18 month clothes and as I neared the bottom of the boxes I reached the itty bitty tiny stuff! I surprised myself that I didn't cry. I just sat there thinking back to when Carter was that small and how really it doesn't seem like it was that long ago! Three years, that's not long but to look at those tiny little clothes and look at the rambunctious little guy running down the hall, I had that brief moment of, "WHOA! Where did my baby go?!"

I must admit that going through all the stuff really kicked my excitement and anxiuosnes into high gear about Tucker's arrival. Sleepers, tiny socks, the bibs, the blankets. Each piece that I pulled from that box, I could remember Carter wearing. I remember who each piece came from. Strange? I thought so, I didn't think I'd remember the times that he wore those little outfits and I mean down to like certain places that he wore some of them. Then those little blankets, the ones that I loved obviously slightly more 'used' looking. I can't wait to bundle Tucker in them like we did Carter.

Of course, Carter entered the room upon several occasions and informed me that those were his things, but Tucker could borrow them. It will be very interesting to see just how generous he is with "his things" when little Tucker arrives! :) Let's talk about shoes for a minute. I have a basket of shoes that would almost make a Payless look like they were out of shoes!! There are certain shoes in that basket that I've had to move to the bottom of the basket so that Carter can't see them. He's not very keen on sharing certain shoes, LOL! One particular pair would be his lace up boots. Those are "MY cowboy boots, NOT Tuckers!" I listened to that for about three days. Finally I said, well they don't fit you anymore so we should share them with Tucker. His response, "no momma! These are mine, Tucker can get some at the store!!" So like I said, it will be interesting to see how this sharing stuff goes in another 3 months!!

A little stroll down memory lane tonight. Our family will be a family of four before we know it. I can't wait. I know little Tucker is going to bring a ton of joy to us and I can't wait to watch Carter with him. Only 3 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days until we see our sweet little boy!!!
Enjoy the pictures from my stroll! :)



Clark Family said...

Yes, it is so exciting to have another baby. I am sure you remember all to well with Carter. It is amazing how fast it all goes and how everything falls into place. I am so excited for you and where your life is now. I think back to talking to you at work some 3-4 years ago and your life has grown amazingly. I am proud of you and you deserve every bit of it. Cheers to yet another healty baby boy! Good luck with all.

Kari said...

How exciting. It seems like I was just preparing to become a family of four....
It's funny.. now I can't remember what we did with just the 3 of us.