Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's only day 3?!

So, I've blogged about my husband going to Canada. He has only been gone for three days but already it seems like eternity! Granted, I'm usually the one that is with Carter so flying solo for the majority of the day shouldn't be a big deal... should it? I don't know what happens to me when Travis leaves. I guess it's just my anxiety of him being gone, along with pregnancy hormones but I feel like a complete and total basket case, already!

It's funny how when he is home I feel so independent and never feel that I am actually 'needing' his help. I catch myself a lot asking him to do something, then stepping in and taking over because I can get it done quicker, or just because he might not be doing it exactly how I would do it. Call me overbearing, controlling, whatever you'd like but that's just me. It's who I am. God makes it very clear to me each time that he is gone for more then a day, I need that man in my life. I need his presence, not necessarily his words, just his presence. As I've said so many times, he is a very quiet person not a lot of talking goes on when you're with Trav but the calm he gives me is something I suppose I take for granted. In a way, I guess it's good therapy for this high strung, 'do it my way' girl to be without her husband twice a year for ten days each. It makes me think, makes me appreciate, and snaps me back into reality!

I'm grateful for my husband, my friend, my rock, my sounding block, my support. Where my life would be without him, who knows. It's only day three, and he won't be back for another seven days... heaven help me! It seems like a month!! I'm praying that this week goes by fast and that I can keep myself occupied and try to keep my mind off of being by myself, flying solo! ;) Carter's great company but I wish my Trav was home!!

So, umm yeah, I'm sappy tonight. I'm not very good at being by myself... hurry home Trav!!!!!

Bored...and lonely! :)
Jen the way, I finally posted some blogs that somehow never got "posted", so if you see some old stuff popping up, that's why...

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