Friday, November 14, 2008

Nosey neighbors....

Don't you just love when people are nosey? Come on, don't lie, we are all nosey to a certain extent but sometimes it's so totally obvious and pretty much just down right rude. I know I'm personally guilty of being nosey, but to show up at someone's house unexpected in this fashion?! I must say, I thought moving would offer me and my family more privacy, boy was I ever wrong!

Yesterday morning, I woke up about an hour before Carter. Since that rarely happens, I decided that I would go ahead and shower and get ready so that we could be on time for once. As so many of you know we just recently moved and as with anyone that moves, things are still not unpacked, decorations are not on the walls, and not all the windows have blinds on them yet. The blind for our master bath is one of those windows. Now before you start thinking, what kind of peep show is she offering, let me add that we are in the middle of a cow pasture, on thirty nine acres of land, and at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, with heavy fog I doubt anyone is able to see through my windows. There are houses around us, but unless they have a supped up telescope, I doubt their getting a show through that window. Now, back to the story...... I get out of the shower and as I turn, I see them! These eyes just staring through the window, what on heaven's earth? PRIVACY please, do I need to post no trespassing signs? I was startled at first but then I just had to laugh at the site outside my window.

These girls heard there was a new girl in town, and they had to come check her out for themselves. I suppose they probably got the wrong impression of me at 7:00 in the morning, LOL! As I looked closer, I found that the nosey little heifers weren't looking for a show, they were really there to antagonize our dogs. They just love to stand there and act as if they don't even hear the dogs barking at them. Just like a women, aggravating men for the heck of it! :) As Travis always says, women and cows are a lot a like!!! Timone, my sweet little cat was my guard, he hopped in the window and acted as if he was going to charge them. Little does he know they'd stomp him in a heartbeat if he ever made it past the dogs!

I'm am off today to order the blind. No more peeping toms, or should I say peeping cows!! When I got up this morning, they were back for me. Nosey neighbors, they're everywhere you go!!!

Toodles, have a great weekend!


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Mrs. Bell said...

lol,, thats too funny, i know that feeling, did we ever tell you about little robert thrift climbing through out living room window at like 4 am,, and trying to crash on the couch, lol.. too funny!!

if you need any help unpacking or what not, since you can lift heavy stuff, i dont mind helping you.. just let me know.. im all yours!