Monday, January 4, 2010

Be a light in a dark world....

It's obvious that I have a close relationship with my sister and that I love her very much. A true woman of God, a heart on fire to live her life for Him. It's not often that you meet a young lady her age with the qualities she has. She and her husband, Kyle, have been praying diligently for months about where God wants them to go. They feel the Lord is leading them to Wake Forest, North Carolina. There Kyle will attend seminary to finish his masters. I know that God has great things in store for them, but it's still hard to know that she won't be just up the road if I decide I need a shopping buddy or a movie night. Jessica has not lived near by now for about three years. Each time she moves, it doesn't get any easier. I miss her company, I miss our pointless conversations, and I miss our thoughts on the crazies (you know who I'm talking about Jessica, the snake in the tree, the koala bear, the donkey...). Their journey to North Carolina comes this week. They are packing up a U-Haul and heading North.
It is my prayer that God will guide them, and protect them. I know that there are great opportunities ahead of them. Before coming home for the holidays, they both quit their jobs. Jessica was working for Cracker Barrel and she shared with me her last customer. It was a middle age man with his young son. The son told her they were going Christmas shopping for his mother. Jessica being the typical southerner that we are known to be, struck up a conversation with the two. She told them about her new adventure and that she would be moving soon. When they finished their meal the father told her that she was a very pleasant young lady. He handed her a tip of $20.00 and she told him she couldn't. He told her that he didn't have to leave that tip, but he wanted her to have it. He told her that she was a light in a dark world and that we needed more people like her. As she told me this, I teared up. She then told me, that Kyle would tell her each day "remember, be a light in the dark world!" There were several times that I would email her and remind her that God was using her as she waited tables.
God has taught myself, and my sister a lot through her waitressing. He uses us when we least expect it. There was one day that she waited on a table of about 15 people. She said they were very short, rude, and left her a very small tip. I don't remember exactly but it was around $5.00. Along with their tip, they left a Christian tract behind. She said when she picked it up, it really frustrated her. She had been as nice as possible to this group, and they were not in return. She said she was very annoyed at first but then realized that God put her with that table because she has a personal relationship with Him. She said that if another waitress, who may not know the Lord, had waited on that table, and picked up that tract that it would have been looked upon as a negative thing by the way she was treated. She was not treated the way that Christians should treat other people. The old saying, "actions speak louder then words", definitely true in this story. When she told me this story, I told her she is by far a stronger Christian then I. I would have probably stayed mad and not looked at it the way she did.
I suppose I'm saying all of this to say, we can all be a light in a dark world. God gives us plenty of opportunities to let our lights shine for Him. I know and trust that my sister and Kyle will shine their lights for Him as they set out on a new adventure in North Carolina. My family and I will miss them dearly but I look forward to visiting and getting to see a new town. I could write a list long of things I wish I could change to keep them here, but God's plan is far more important then mine.
Here's an old picture... but one I love!PBR in Jacksonville
I know you've had your roller coaster of emotions about this move. You know to trust in the Lord, and as always He will lead you down the right path. You are such a wonderful person. I will miss you, but know that you will bless many lives in your new hometown. We'll be coming for a visit soon, until then know that we are praying for you, missing you, and loving you each and everyday! Take lots of pictures, and find the little shops you know I love!!! Best wishes, and happy trails!
Northbound and down...loaded up!
Hee-Haw anyone?


Brandi said...

That is a beautiful post. My sister and I do not speak...and I have tried and tried but I cannot get her to even call me back. Worse, she doesn't even want a relationship with her nephews. You and your sister are so lucky to have each other even if there are miles and miles in between you...

Jessica said...

Thanks Roo. My emotions are on a roller coaster...but I've found that's when God keeps me most dependent on Him. I'm glad we'll have room for visitors, because I anxiously await seeing those Florida tags coming my way :) We're almost loaded up...tomorrow we're north bound and down.

Thanks for being a blessing to me. Love you more than you know.