Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

Where do the weekends go so fast? Don't they understand that we like them, we enjoy them, they need to stick around?!

This weekend was pretty uneventful. We are still facing those horrible cold temps that I am OVER! Just south of here, about an hour away, they had snow on Saturday. Enough snow that they could write, "snow" on the windshields of their cars. Okay my loves, that's entirely too cold. Umm, hello.... we're in FLORIDA!

Friday evening we did nothing. Just brought home some take out from the Chinese restaurant, and Wendy's chicken nuggets for the boys. Wii is our new entertainment, and hopefully my motivation to lose weight. Umm, yeah... we'll see about that!

On Saturday, since it was absolutely colder then the North Pole here, Tucker and I decided that we would not go with Travis and Carter to the bull sale. Since the sale would be in an old, and I mean old, barn with heat that only half works, I figured no one needed to hear the grumbling and complaining of a soon to be thirty year old woman. So we bundled up and headed out to my moms for a nice, toasty, warm visit.

Mom welcomed us with open arms, and great food! We visited with Big Granny & Big Papa, and then ventured back home around 7ish. Travis and Carter had a productive day at the sale. They went in hopes of finding "the" bull, and low and behold, the found him! Oddly enough, Carter named him Wooly Bully, same thing he named the last bull that Papa bought. Papa also bought another new bull, named (by Carter) Sugarbritches! I asked him where he came up with that name and he said, "I don't know, I just did. Great name, huh?" Seriously, can someone explain to me where a four year old comes up with this stuff? So we are now the proud new owners of a large, black bull that is somewhat cute, if that's possible.

Today we just did what most folks do on a Sunday, nothing. I did clean up the house, several times. I did bundle Tucker up like a little eskimo for five minutes to go outside to see the new bull. I had to let him down to see if he waddled like the little boy on The Christmas Story. He did.  Watching him walk is too cute, and man I only thought I was worn out! I have pictures that I'll load later tomorrow, they are too cute! He waddled and then fell to the ground.We've sat by the fire in hopes of staying warm, we had junk food galore, we had tater sandwiches for dinner (that's a southern thing... and they are delicious), and now it's 10:00 and it's time for me to find the bed because 6:45 will come oh so early tomorrow morning.

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Have a great week, and hallelujah we are looking forward to some 60 degree days in our future! I never dreamed I'd be looking forward to 60 degree days.

Night friends!

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