Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have a new love!! ;)

On Tuesday I decided that I would take Carter to Chuck E. Cheese (yeah, great idea... huh?) and then we would do a little shopping with my mom. After about two hours at Chuck E. Cheese we headed for the verizon store where I was treated like a complete idiot by the man waiting on me. He obviously did not work on commission because he missed out on a good $150-$200 that day. I left there without a new phone, frustrated, and I didn't even want to go shopping after that.  Don't you just hate it when you have a plan and some goober throws a major kink your way?!

I hated to send my mom to the mall alone, so we followed her across the street and went into JCPenney. I didn't have anything that I really needed, but I was game for looking. I found some new jammies for Tucker that are just too cute for words, and then it happened. I found it, the love I've been searching for!!! Tall, thin, ON SALE, and I didn't even second guess myself about making the purchase I just did it!

Are you surprised?! Having 60% of our house as tile I sweep constantly. Having two cats that have free reign over the place, a four year old that doesn't understand the concept of crumbs on the floor,  a ten month old that will eat what crumbs are left from the four year old, and a husband that wears his boots inside with heaven only knows what on the bottom, leaves dear old me with a broom in my hand the majority of my day. Honestly I actually have a callus on my hand from sweeping. On an average day I sweep the floors three to four times. It's an OCD habit of mine, I suppose. We had friends over one New Year's Eve, and I swept twice while they were here. I can't stand the thought of someone feeling dirt on their feet, or crumbs. What's more gross then stepping on a half eaten cheese puff, or nilla wafer?! I despise walking in, kicking of my flip flops, and then having to go back to the rug to wipe my feet because of the trash on my floors.

I do have a small vacuum for tile floors but it's absolutely horrible. It makes more noise then the freight trains that come by our house on a regular basis, and if you get near a wall or hutch it blows so much air from it that it scatters the trash even further and you are on a wild goose chase to clean your floors. When I purchased the Shark vacuum on Tuesday, I had high hopes that it would be just what I was looking for!

Do or die, was my thoughts as I plugged it in. I stepped on the power button, and to my surprise it was quiet. It sounds like what you would expect a vacuum for tile floors to sound like. It did not have this huge gush of wind coming out from under it, so I was not chasing fruitloops, grass, and dirt!! It's rechargeable so I don't have a cord to hassle with, it goes where I want it to go without having to stop and move to a different outlet. The handle bends in half so that it can slide under dining room chairs, tables, you name it.  I do not have to worry about detaching a bucket to empty when it's full, just the flick of a button and whala! we're good to go. It has brushes on the sides so that when you vacuum against the wall or cabinets, it spins that trash out in front so it can be sucked up. 

I could not be happier with this vacuum. I hope that it doesn't prove me wrong anytime soon, but I'm almost certain it won't!!!  I posted this incase any of you are a sweepaholic like myself. Save yourself some time, buy this handy dandy little helper and you'll be as happy as I am!!!! :)


Mrs. Bell said...

I got a swiffer vacuum for Christmas,, & I LOVE IT,, I haven't pulled out the broom since! I will have to tell my mom about this one though since her whole house is wood floors and tile! She's been looking for something!

Sebrina said...

Jenn, I feel like you are peeking in our windows, telling my story..You can call me the lady with the broom..I will have to try this..Thanks

Laura said...

You will love it!!

Stacey said...

Hi, we don't know each other but I know your mom. We worked together at WJH. I can't remember how I found your blog but I just LOVE to read it!!! Some days It makes me laugh and some days It makes me cry!!! You are a great writer! I look forward to rushing home after work and catching up! My niece has a blog also( and my sister ( anyway, I spend lots of hours reading everyones blogs and forgte about house work, cooking, just kidding!
Anyway, I was reading this post and thought, we must have the same loud, ignoring, dust pusher (instead of picker-upper) vacuum!!!!! I hate mine(it was a dirt devil something or another) and have been wanting a new since the day I bought the dang thing!!! So, I can't wait to rush out and get the one you bought this weekend!!!
I love your photos you take and am now interested in taking some of my own. I just bought a new Nikon D5000! But have not even took one pic yet because it is so fancy I don't know what to do with nah, I just havent had time to mess with it since going back to work on Wednesday!!!

Anyway, I'm so sorry to talk your ears off.

Stacey Austin

Stacey said...

Oh, if you would like to email me to chat (cause I don't have a "real" Blog going on, feel free.