Monday, January 4, 2010

Ten Months

Happy ten month birthday to my little Tucker Bear. I know I say this each and every month, but seriously... already?! So much has changed in the last month. The little wobbly legs have decided to perk up and take off. He's going everywhere. He still only makes it, at the most, about ten steps total before he falls but he's getting there. Each morning he's more sure of it and shows that he's going to be ruling this place before long. With the walking comes the bumps and bruises. The other day he fell and cut his chin on the entertainment center. Two hours later he fell into the bottom drawer on the stove and bruised his cheek. Maybe I should be calling him bruiser rather then Bear?! Below is a picture of his very first steps...he took three steps before he plopped to the ground!
He likes to call me, "MA!" instead of what he started out with, Momma. That's about the only word he spouts off much anymore either. We are in the process of transitioning to whole milk. He's loving it so far. Sippy cups, that's another story, for another day. He hates them!!! Any pointers with that transition, because I'm lost. Carter went right to a sippy, so I didn't have to face this battle.
Christmas was good to the little bear. He has all sorts of walk behind toys, toys with buttons for him to push which he LOVES. He also has several new blankets to snuggle with when he gets tired. I'm in awe of this little guy. I love him more everyday. I know he is going to bring so much excitement to us in the months ahead. Walking, running, and talking to us. Carter is loving that he's more 'active' now, and he actually thinks that Bear can wrestle with him already. I really do see us in the E.R. with one of them sooner then later.
Only two months to go and we will be having a birthday party, holding back the tears. I read something the other day that said as you get older each year seems to go by faster. I thought about that and it is so true. Before I had the boys it seemed as if the each year just seemed to drag by. Then, I had Carter and bam! the years fly past me each year. Then, we have Tucker, and it seems to go even faster. All the more reason to slow down, enjoy the handprints on the walls, the dirt in the sinks, the toys scattered everywhere.

Happy Birthday Bear... I love you sweet boy!

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