Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring

There's nothing better then a rainy day to give you the down time you need sometimes. Today is definitely one of those days. It's been a busy week of doing nothing. Does that make any sense at all? Seriously, how can you do nothing at all but be busy??? If any of you have the answer(s) to that question, please enlighten me!

Monday Carter did not have school, so he spent the afternoon with my mom and my brother. They were cleaning our old house, so that Jason and Megan can move in. It seem so weird to go back into that house. It still smells like "us", and I can picture right where everything was, different little moments stand out in my head... and I smile. It felt really strange to walk back in there with Tucker and let him walk all over the place. It was like he knew where he was. Watching him walk so wobbly through each room I remembered the first days of Carter walking. Then he went to the kitchen and stood at the window and babbled. My heart smiled.

On Tuesday, I had the plan to go into town and I was going to purchase a sit and stand stroller. Babies R Us had them on sale and I just knew I needed one. Going to the mall with both of the boys is a bit of task now. Carter still wants to be chauffeured around, and well Tucker would take hours walking from one store to the next, so I am faced with a slight problem. Most of the time Carter has to walk, against his will, unless my mom is with me and she'll push one stroller and I'll have the other. When I made it in to BRU, I checked the stroller out and for whatever reason I walked away from it. I didn't feel the urge to spend $110 on a stroller. So, we left. I am still shocked, and trying to figure out how on earth I walked out of BRU without spending a dime!  That has NEVER happened!

Yesterday, was just a normal day on Cow Bird Lane. We are having a pond dug on our property, so we have the pleasure of listening to large equipment go up and down the driveway a hundred times a day. I'm not complaining... we're getting paid for the dirt that is being transported from here. Nap time was a little difficult yesterday though. I kept telling Carter to lay down, go to sleep. His response, that tractor keeps beeping, and I can't close my eyes momma! Finally he said, he'd go to sleep if I laid on the couch beside him. So, I did. TWO HOURS later, I woke up to the backdoor slamming, Travis was home. To his surprise, his wife and sons were all asleep! Oops, sorry honey... I swear we've I have accomplished stuff around here today! Promise... look around!

Today we wake up to mud puddles in every corner of our yard, and as far as you can see. It's been raining since last night and as I type this very moment the bottom just fell out, again! I enjoy these days... sometimes. Not all the time. Today I've finished the mounds of laundry that were starting to overtake us, I've vacuumed the house, I've swept the floors (twice), I've managed to put Tucker down for a nap three times, only to go back in there three times to get him. Now, he's down. I finally won!!! He's such a fighter somedays.

Tomorrow is an exciting day. We are taking Carter to the circus, for the first time. On our way home from visiting Granny Vera on Tuesday, we were stopped at the railroad tracks. The train that was coming by was the circus train! It was really neat to see all the cars, we were hoping to see the animal cars but no such luck. I can just imagine the excitement that Carter is going to have tomorrow. He has it a little confused with the fair. He keeps asking me if that big wheel thing (the ferris wheel) is going to be there. I keep telling him no, but he insists that they will be. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll have my camera in hand with me tomorrow so be on the look out for those pictures!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Jackiedlc said...

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks for stopping by.. I Love that song on your blog- A mother's prayer. I love the circus, my mother used to take me all the time when i was younger, Have fun!

God Bless

A Life In Focus Photography said...

have a great day at the circus! my kids are grown now, but i remember how much they enjoyed it. raining here too....

Sebrina said...

hey Jenn, be sure to go for the pre show..I think an hour early..We thought that was the best get to go down on the floor..hope you guys have a great time!!