Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{{{ FROZEN }}}

Oh my sweet niblets, it's cold! It is 9:15 a.m., and our current temperature is 28. Let's do the math, that is about 37 degrees TOO COLD for me. I do not like cold weather and for whatever reason, mother nature has decided we need to feel what the folks north of us feel all the time. Just another nail in the coffin that I am by no means supposed to live up north. This southern girl is missing her comfortable, no jacket just a long sleeve shirt or sweater, winter days. So my northern friends, take your miserable cold weather back I don't like it. It's make me grumpy, it makes my bones hurt, my teeth hurt, and my skin feels like sandpaper!

I've drank more coffee then I ever have in all my life, and my heater is doing all it can do to keep me cozy. We've had a fire in the fireplace almost every night for over three days. We usually only use the fireplace maybe five times each winter. I am bundling my poor children up like the boy on "The Christmas Story". Better watch Carter, he'll try to stick his tongue to the fence post, LOL! Tucker, bless his heart, his face is chapped his hair feels like horse hair, and his little lips quiver when we walk the twenty feet to the truck in the mornings. He too is bundled up like an eskimo, fleece clothing, socks pulled as high as I can get them, mittens (SERIOUSLY... mittens? people, my kids don't own these things), warm fuzzy hats, a coat, and a blanket wrapped around him. Oh, and I've been starting the truck a good ten minutes before we are supposed to leave just so it will be somewhat warm before we leave. Oh, and how could I forget Cowboy, our dog, he's even sleeping in his dog house that he's had absolutely nothing to do with for the past two years!!! You know it's cold when the dog tries to make his way in the house and he's never even been inside.

I am dreaming of Spring at this point. I need to see some green grass, hear some birds tweeting, be able to stand in my yard without hurting to my core. Yes, I'm complaining. It's what I do when I'm frozen to my soul. How you northern gals do this year in and year out is above and beyond this southern momma. I'm going to make my way to the kitchen and make me another cup of coffee now that our water is running again. Just another negative thing to all this cold weather, we leave three sinks running and still wake up to frozenness! Trust me when I tell you I was quite the site taking Carter to school this morning. Yesterdays leftover curly hair wadded up in a ball on top of my head, no make up because I only had makeup removing wipes to wash my face with, I was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!!!!  YUCK!



Heather said...

Yep, I'll bet you're cold. We're getting a big ole snowstorm tomorrow with 3 to 6 inches of snow forecasted and high temps in the teens!

The kids love the snow, I love the change of seasons, but by February, I am done with this cold.

Enjoy your coffee and hopefully warmer weather will be headed your way soon!

Sonja said...

Oh I KNOW! I'm not used to this nonsense!! I love the cold but not THIS cold!!

I hope you can keep your boys warm! I can't believe we might have snow here! lol

Backwoodsprim said...

It's VERY cold here!!
It was 12 degrees when I woke up this morning!!
We are expecting 1-4 inches of snow tonight on into tomorrow...
I've been hoping and praying that the citrus farmer's down there do alright despite the cold temps...

Sure do enjoy your blog and can relate so much to the "farm life"...I was a transplanted town girl when I

Stay warm!

Kari said...
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Kari said...

You are so funny!! Do I need to send B-rad over to insulate your pipes outside??? Let me know!

Jennifer said...

Kari, I suppose we are good now. What happened was T-rav turned the sink off when he left for work leaving us with only enough water for me to make a pot of coffee.... lucky him!