Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun Friday talk with Carter

So I thought I'd ask Carter some random questions and let you all know what he said. Four year old conversation can really brighten your days!!!

*Why is today Friday?
Because Friday is school, and today is the circus. Nothing else is today.

*Who is your favorite person & why?
You momma, because I love you.

*How much money does Daddy have?
Five monies.

*What are you most excited to see at the circus today?
ELEPHANTS!  They are going to do tricks, and I'm going to go fishing!

Bless his heart, I think he might be a little surprised to find out he won't be fishing!!! Hope you all have a super Fun Friday. Remember to enjoy the day, don't wish it away!  Circus pictures coming soon!!!!


2 comments: said...

so precious! I absolutely love the name of your blog--my sentiments exactly :). So glad to have found you thru MBC!!

Heather said...

Hope you had a good time at the circus! Can't wait to see the photos...did Carter love it?