Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bubbles and Giggles

Bath time just might be one of the most hectic times at our house. Tucker is a wild man in the tub. He's up, he's down, he's slipping, he's sliding. Every night I feel like I've had my workout for the day. Most nights I'm literally out of breath when I get finished with him.  You know how it is to hold on to a bar of soap? Well, that's like trying to hold onto a slippery, slimy baby he's anywhere but where I want him to be.
Most nights are quite eventful, but then there are nights like tonight that I just let my hair down and let them have at it. Bubbles galore, and giggles more!  It's not often that the little dudes get to take a bath in the "big tub" it just works better for me in their bathroom. Tonight was fun night.  They had bubbles blowing everywhere, splashing water over my head and camera all over the walls, but the giggles they shared were priceless.  It's nights like tonight that remind me how much I adore hearing them laugh. If we could bottle up the sound of a child's laughter, the world just might be a brighter place!!
Just look at these pictures, tell me they don't make you smile!
Then, bath time ends. The calm after the storm. There is absolutely nothing sweeter then holding on to your baby as the fall to sleep in your arms. The smell of baby lotion and baby powder.... makes me wish my baby wasn't growing up so fast!!

For now, sweet dreams my little ones!

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Julie Diane said...

What amazing pictures! I am so glad to find your blog and thanks for the comment on ours! The best thing about joining the mommy blog world is it has helped me find and follow some many great stories! I have added your link to our page and I'm excited to follow your family stories too! Thanks! Julie