Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cowboy Birthday bash!!!!

Planning your first child's 5th birthday party, if you're like me, is a bit heart wrenching. How on earth did I come to have a FIVE year old?! How?!  Can someone please explain that to me?
When I asked Carter what kind of party he wanted he didn't hesitate at all.  With no thought at all he blurted out "A COWBOY PARTY!"  We did a cowboy party for his third birthday so I tried to get him to pick something else and he wasn't having it. So, a cowboy party it was. I suppose you can't take the true love of a cowboy out of my little man.
We invited all our friends and family for the bash. The day was scorching hot!  The humidity was unbelievable.  The kids didn't care since they had a water slide to play on and ice cold Coca-Cola awaiting them!  Carter loves to drink Coca-Cola out of the glass bottles. So when we found them at Sams we knew we had to get them. They seemed to be a big hit with all the kids.
Cake and present time!  Carter was seated by his cake and as we all started to sing he covered his ears and made his typical funny Carter faces. His friends Cody, and Lance sat right beside him. It made me smile to see him with his buddies and enjoying every minute of it. They both assisted in the blowing out of the candles.  As I stood there watching I couldn't help but think these three little fellows would begin a whole new journey starting next week as they entered the doors of the elementary school. I had to kick that thought quick before I started to cry.
On to the presents!  Who doesn't enjoy the present time of a party, I know I sure do!!  He sat patiently in the chair but as he ripped the paper from the box the excitement was building and he was ripping through those presents like a mad man!  His facial expressions are so vivid and full of energy.  I love watching him when he gets excited, it's fun!  He got everything from clothes, to monster trucks, to a chicken blaster game for his Wii, two remote control trucks, and his favorite... the bike!  There's no doubt this little boy is blessed.
As I look back on the day I'm reminded of how precious and perfect this dear child is to me. His smile, his laughter, his tender heart.... all perfect, all Carter, all my precious sweet boy!  I think I can say that he thoroughly enjoyed his fifth birthday party!  Here's to the next five.  May they be as adventurous and exciting as the last!!

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