Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jr. Cowboy

Watching Carter learn the ropes of farm life makes me happy, makes me smile, and sometimes I just have to laugh. He puts his whole heart into and and sometimes more. If I could record the way he talks when he's helping Travis I can promise you it would make you laugh hysterically. He talks like a grown man.
He's sometimes a little apprehensive about the task, but at other times he's fired up and ready to go. A few weeks ago Travis told him he could put the lead rope on Chance and lead him for a bit. He had his rope in hand and was ready, once inside the gate with Chance he started having second thoughts.  That night, it just didn't happen. A few days later, they tried again and he played the part of Cowboy for sure!  Granted this time he wasn't in his "cowboy pants", but in shorts and flip flops. We consider him the modern cowboy, LOL!!!
Chance wasn't the most cooperative little fellow, but Carter wasn't giving him any slack. He was going to walk on that lead rope and Carter would make sure of it!! Watching him lead Chance made me realize he'll be showing cows at the fair before I know it.  He has to be 8, but in all reality that's just a blink away.  He's so grown up, he makes me proud!!!

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