Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Critters, Critters, and more Critters

It seems like everyday there is a new calf born around here. Not that I mind that, it's just cool each evening to go out riding the pastures and discover a new little one lying in the grass.  I'm still trying not to get attached but it doesn't seem to be working so well. I name everyone of them, first no-no to not getting attached!
There's a little white faced fellow that I call Jughead. Not sure how I came up with that name for him, I just did.  Then there's Crybaby because she has a streak of white fur from her eye down her face. Then of course there's Chance, and Dusty and little Joe the donkies, LullaBelle... God love her. I seriously could name everyone of them.
There are a few crazies in the group that I've already given the okay to ship them to the sale when they deliver their calfs. They're pretty cows, just a little too nutso for me. When you drive by them and they get all antsy and start to blow and act like pure nuts, yeah I don't need anything like that around here. Only sweet mommas that want to come to the fence and be hand fed. You know, spoiled rotten cows.  :)
As my sister said last week while visiting us I can smell the slightest hint of Fall in the evening air. We all know what that smell means, right... it's almost time for the fair!  There's just something about the fall that makes me smile from the inside out. I could live in the Fall, year round.
If it's time for the fair, then that means it's time for local youngsters to get their steers and heifers ready to show. We have a young lady that just purchased a heifer from us this week to show in the upcoming fair. I'm excited to see her show, and so is Carter. I'll keep you all posted on how she places in the fair.  Travis would like to work with more local students that would like to be a part of 4H or the livestock show at the fair. If any of you reading this are local and know a child between the ages of 8-18 that would like to participate, let me know and we'll get you set up with the information you need.
As the critters on Cow Bird Lane continue to multiply, the more pictures I have to snap. Hope you didn't mind the cyberspace walk through at the country zoo! :)
It's been a bit muddy here lately, this poor gal looks a little stuck!

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Sarah said...

**sigh** I always get SO excited when I see a post that involves the cows. :) LOVE them!!