Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer days

Our Summer has been busy, but with what... I can't honestly tell you. We've been on the go but no real plans or anything exciting to tell you about.  The boys and I have mainly tucked ourselves away from the heat during the day and as the sun gradually begins to fade, we make our way out. Since it has been so hot we've had to resort to other indoor activities. The boys do a great job getting into stuff and using their imaginations!
One afternoon I found Carter with a hat box around his neck, playing it as a drum. Tucker has resorted to playing in the pantry when all else fails. They've eat more snacks and junk food then I should tell you about and quite frankly we've accomplished a whole lot of nothing around here. Summer should be a lazy time right?  I think we figured that out with no problems!!
Hot, Hot, Hot... we're looking forward to Fall, how about you?!

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