Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They're just good people

We all have friends, and acquaintances. Some friends stick around for the fun times, some are always there during the hard times, some just pop in like an afternoon thunderstorm in Florida, others are there regardless of the day, the hour, or situation.  I have countless friends. They're all in different categories, each one means something important to me but there are those select few that I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can rely on.
About 2.5 years ago Travis introduced me to a friend of his, Thomas. Thomas reminded me a few weeks ago that the first day he met me I was in a bit of a tizzy when I came into the office where he was with Travis. Who knows what kind of rant I was on or if there really was even any reason for me to be in a tizzy. Regardless we made plans not long after that day to go to dinner with Thomas and his then fiance Kady.
That dinner led to many more dinners. Thomas and Kady are now married and I'm going to be completely honest with you, they are the nicest, caring people I have ever met in my life. I have never met a man, Thomas' age, as polite, respectful, and kind. Kady is just like him, but with a little more spunk... like me! :) She is fun to be around, has that same polite, kind, giving personality like Thomas. We look forward to spending time with these two.
The boys love them as much as we do.  Carter asks all the time if Mr. Thomas, also known as the frog man to Carter, is coming over. He likes that Thomas pretends to eat the little green tree frogs that creep out of the siding of our house at night. Gross, I know but Carter thinks it is absolutely hilarious. He honestly thinks Thomas eats the frogs. What he doesn't realize it Thomas turns his head, tosses the frog only to make him think he ate the frog!  We've even caught Carter attempting to really eat a live frog. Luckily Kady caught him just in time to stop him. We told him Mr. Thomas is a professional frog eater and little boys should not eat frogs!
Anywho, back to the point.  I'm so grateful for this sweet couple. We look forward to their call, their occasional drop ins to say hello, and the wonderful dinners we share.  Thanks Thomas and Kady for being such great friends. We love you guys!!!!

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