Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A look back at Wake Forest

Visiting my sister was one of the highlights of our summer. Mom packed up and made the trip with me and the boys. The ride there was pretty uneventful. The boys started getting restless about 30 minutes-1 hour out. Once we arrived at Jessica's they were full speed ahead.
It's always nice to spend time with my sister. I love the town she lives in, it's so peaceful. We walked down Main Street to admire all the beautiful old homes and it was like I was walking the street of a movie. Everyone there is so pleasant and so nice.
Of course we visited the park that Carter loves, the antique shops I love, and did some shopping before heading back to Florida. Tucker made the stay a bit interesting since he only slept about 15 hours the entire time we were there. I was exhausted, as was mom since she was in the room beside us.  SORRY MOM!  The ride home he really kicked it into overdrive and screamed from Savannah to our house.  That's about a two hour stretch.
While we were visiting we had a little mini birthday party for Carter. We weren't sure if Jessica and Kyle would be able to come home for the scheduled party so we partied a little early.  Aunt Jessica & Uncle Kyle bought him a shark set to swim in the pool with, it was the coolest thing ever he said!
I was never so glad to pull down Cow Bird Lane. Not long after being home I found myself in my jammies and not long after that I was curled up in my bed sleeping like a rock!  I was whipped.  Thanks Jessica & Kyle for a great visit. We're looking forward to our winter visit when we can play in the snow!!!!!!  Love you!  Jessica... this picture STILL cracks me up! ;)

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