Wednesday, August 18, 2010

VBS 2010... Saddleridge Ranch

This summer was Carter's first year attending Vacation Bible School at our local church, First Baptist Grey Gables.  He had such a good time. The fact that the theme was western, cowboys, and horses was right up his alley.  He enjoyed each and every day!!  The family night was a lot of fun too.  We were able to see what the kids had been working on all week, and then we enjoyed a few snacks and pony rides. Carter was very upset that we had to leave the ponies!
The last day of VBS they had a pie throwing event.  Cow pies, nonetheless!!  Carter thought it was too funny to see some of the VBS workers get a pie in the face.  I am so grateful for all the local churches that put on a program during the summer for the kids. VBS is a fond, fond memory of my own childhood.  We are looking for to many, many more with Grey Gables!