Monday, September 7, 2009

Boys + Girls = Kissing?! What???

The other night I was washing dishes, Travis was fixing himself some tea, and Carter was outside playing on the porch.  All of a sudden the back door opens and slams and Carter stands ever so cutely at the hall and says, "Momma, kiss Daddy!"  I looked at him with a look of, what?!  I turned to Travis and blew him a kiss.  Carter says, "No Momma, KISS DADDY!"  So, I blow another kiss towards Travis.  Carter puts his hands on his hips in a way of frustration then a big sigh.  Then he says, "No KISS DADDY".  He is doing his hands in a clapping motion (as to tell us to put our lips together), and then starts to giggle.  I laughed and asked him what was his deal, and he says that's what boys & girls do!!!!

Okay, now who on earth has been teaching this to my child?!  I'm going to assume it has something to do with him playing at school last week because he made the comment that his friend "A" was the mommy and he was the daddy!  Hmmm... what's really being taught in preschool this year!?  It's only the beginning I suppose!  :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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Samantha said...

Oh goodness! Kids really do say some of the funniest things, especially as they're learning. My husband and I don't have any kids yet, but I can just imagine how many times I'm going to be thrown for a loop when we have our first!

Hope you're enjoying your Labor Day. It's been storming all day in our neck of the woods! :(