Monday, September 14, 2009

Should have gone back to bed!

Do you ever wake up and just know it's going to be one of those days?  Today was that day for me. Tucker did not sleep very good at all last night.  Bless his heart he has a horrible stuffy/runny nose, and now he's started coughing.  The pediatrician says wait it out.  Umm, okay I've been doing that now for two weeks!!!  Finally at 4:00, I put him in the swing so that he would stay elevated and we both finally drifted off to sleep.  

Once I finally started to sleep, the cat meowed and it's a good thing... we (I) overslept, AGAIN! So the rush was on.  Get myself some coffee, get dressed, get Carter dressed, feed him, and get out the door within 30 minutes!  Believe it or not, we made it.  Granted Tucker was still in his jammies, we still made it.  

Came home to hopefully get Tucker down for a nap by 9:30, and clean up the pig sty we are living in.  No go.  Tucker was not napping, I mean 25 minutes is not a nap that is just a tease! Dishes still need to be washed, laundry to fold, living room looks like the toy box vomited everywhere.  I did at least get Carter's sheets washed, and we won't go any further on that topic. By this time, it's time to get Carter from pre-school.  Off we go.  After picking him up I had all intentions of making my way to the grocery store, the post office, and to make hair appointments for all of us.  I accomplished one task, the grocery store.  Anyone who has shopped with two kids, one of which is sick and both in dire need of a nap, knows that grocery shopping can be quite a battle.  So, knowing this I took Carter's little shopping cart along so that he could 'help' me.  Oh stars, what was I thinking?  He had that cart in the air, driving like a race car driver, and making all kinds of race car sounds.  Everyone was looking our way, but I really didn't care.  We had only been in the store maybe three minutes when Carter lets out that announcement that you try to teach them to say quietly, "MOM...I HAVE TO POOP!"  I just looked at him with the look of are you kidding me?  Off to the lovely, disgusting, makes my stomach turn, bathroom.  Of course when he came out he thought that I would magically say it was okay for him to drink from the water fountain... NO, NO, and NO!

Now, on a mission to finish grocery shopping (peacefully), we headed back to where we left off. "Come on Carter, keep up!"  "Put that back Carter, we don't need extra rice, or juice, or onions!"  I was trying to stay up beat because I knew he was enjoying his roll as my helper. Meantime, Tucker is starting to chime in.  It's close to his feeding time, so I'm trying to shop, trying to quiet him, trying to mix a bottle, and trying to keep Carter from running other customers over with his Fisher Price cart.  Once I get the bottle ready, I wrap his sweet little pudgy hands around it and as always, he lets go.  Seriously, when will this child ever hold his own bottle?  I mean, come on already!  I need both of my hands to shop and push this cart... do your part little dude!

We make it a few more aisles without hurting anyone, when all of a sudden Tucker sneezes and you know it, his nose left a nice little surprise. I didn't have a tissue, and my wipes were in my other bag which was in the truck, genius I know.  So, we just happened to be on the paper goods aisle.  I stopped the cart, walked backwards a bit to where I had seen a Viva display with samples of their towels.  I snagged one, Carter says, "Momma, what are you doing? That's not yours."  I told him son, when there is a mess like what is on brothers nose you do what you have to do.  Once again, we're back to grocery shopping.  

People pass by us and we got the usual hellos and aren't they cute.  Every little old lady we passed today was just beside herself that Carter had a cart.  He hammed it up for each one that passed.  They were all pleasant telling me how cute the boys were, but I know as they passed they were thinking, 'whew... glad that's not me!'  At this point Tucker is starting to let me and everyone else within three aisles of us know that he is over being in the grocery store.  He wants his bed, or so I thought, and he wants it now!  

I was so frazzled by the time I made it to the checkout line that all I could think of was get me out of here, get me home and please Lord.... let them go to sleep so I can catch up.  That didn't happen either.  I get home, unload all the groceries, get Tucker down, get Carter down and within 30 minutes they are both up.  Tucker is beside himself, so cranky and miserable. Poor guy does nothing but sneeze, cough, and then time for a nose wipe.  Carter is angry with me because I bought more pull ups.  I just don't feel he's ready yet.  I mean I've washed sheets more then I've washed clothes in the past two weeks.  In due time, he'll get it.  RIGHT?  

So, without good naps we press on to the later part of our afternoon.  It's now 3:02, I started this entry somewhere around 1:30 and I'm still not done.  Tucker on my hip, grabbing every pen, pencil, newspaper, USB cord he can find. Carter telling me he's not my friend anymore because I won't let him eat snacks in his room. Dinner is at least planned, it's a new recipe. Yeah, what am I thinking on a day like today... go with something simple, right?  I can only hope to report that our evening goes smoother, with happier children, a dinner that tastes good, and a good nights sleep.  Please, if anyone is listening, please pray this day does not repeat tomorrow!

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Heather said...

I totally jinxed you with the whole "what will you be doing at 3am?", didn't I?

You poor thing. I so remember those days. You-just-have-to-laugh-or-you'll-scream kind of days...

I hope your new recipe turns out, and if it does, please share. I'm always game for a new recipe!

ps. You're such a good mommy letting Carter push the cart. I only let Gabe do it once in a GREAT while, for the sheer fact that it makes for a stressful shopping trip for me and the rest of the customers in Kroger :)