Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Words

My friend Heather did a post on five words the other day.  As I read it I thought what an amazing way to really think. I asked Heather to throw five words at me so that I could remind myself and let all of you know what they mean to me.  

My words are dinner, faith, laughter, autumn, remember.  Here we go... :)

Dinner...-noun 1. the main meal of the day, eaten in the evening or midday. 
I've said it a thousand times, dinner & I do not get along. I love to eat, but hate to cook.  I just can't get past it.  I suppose I need to move this dear topic to the top of my prayer list and pray that God will change my heart about something we need so in our home! ;)  On a better note dinner is the time we come together as a family.  It's the time I remember as a child that we all had conversation together.  The t.v. was off, and we talked. Laughter all around the table, good food that my mother prepared with her loving hands.  The smell of dinner, vivid in my memory.  Homemade biscuits with homemade strawberry jam, sweet chocolate moose in the fridge for desert... yum.  Dinner was, and is an important part of my life.  Not just for the food, but for the togetherness, the relationships, and the sweet memories that are made around a dinner table.

Faith...  -noun  1. confidence or trust in a person or thing
Where would I be if I didn't have faith?  Faith is believing, it's trusting.  When I first hear the word faith I think of God.  The thoughts of knowing that my God will carry me, protect me, and love me, is faith.  I truly believe that faith is a key component of life.  Some people don't have faith.  For those people, I pray that they will see the peace & joy that I have from having faith in God and they will choose to come to know Him.  Faith is also something I have in my family and friends.  I have faith that they are there for me if I need them.  I have faith that my car will get me where I need to go.  I have faith that when I swipe my debit card it says "approved".  I have faith that when I drop my sweet Carter off at school, he'll be there for me to pick him up. Faith is so much to me, and without it I would be lost.  

Laughter... -noun 1. the action or sound of laughing
Sweet laughter, my granny say it's medicine for the soul.  Laughter is a stress reliever.  It's contagious, unless you are just completely hard hearted and stubborn.  A child's laughter is the sweetest.  That giggle that comes from that little person just brightens my day.  Maybe we should record children laughing and play it in doctors offices, or in the checkout line at the grocery store, or while we're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.  Seriously, if something were to happen to either of my children, their laughter would be one of the things I would miss the most.  I think laughter is also a necessity in our life.  It's healthy, it has to be.  A good gut laugh is just what you need somedays. I've learned to laugh at myself, especially when my father in law (Papa Donnie) is around!  I might as well laugh at myself, because I'm sure he'll laugh at me.  Laughing makes you cheerful, it makes a situation lighter and just a better place to be. If you haven't laughed today, find something, anything to make you laugh.  You'll feel better, I promise! :)

Autumn... -noun 1. the season between summer and winter
By far my most favorite season of all!  I love the feeling in the air, I love the pumpkins, the mums, the scarecrows, dressing the kids up, apples, pumpkin spice candles, and hayrides!!  Oh, and how could I forget the fair?!  Mmm, it just makes me smile to think of all the fun things that come with autumn.  I love to see the leaves fall, and that feeling in the air I mentioned... it's just refreshing.  Living in Florida, we deal with our fair share of heat and when October opens up and lets that fresh autumn air our way, it's just delightful.  There's nothing better then an autumn evening.  The wind blowing ever so lightly, the cows mooing, Carter playing in the yard or shoving hay through the fence to the cows... sweet memories!!  Autumn as a child was my favorite time as well.  I loved being back in school (believe it or not, I did... I was a nerd).  I remember sitting on our front porch swing and doing my homework.  The sun would set over the pond, and I remember the way that the sun painted the sky with a deep orange and red hue. I still love an autumn sunset, it warms my soul.

Remember... -verb 1. to recall to the mind by an act of effort of memory; think of again
Remember, something I hope that I always do.  Remembering is one of the main reasons I started this blog.  I want to remember the funny little things the boys say or do.  I want to remember the way I felt the night we moved into this house.  I want to remember the sounds of pitter patter feet running down my hall.  It's amazing to me how much we as humans can remember.  Think about it, remember when you were a child.  Remember all the things you enjoyed?  I'm sure you can think back to a time when you were four or five years old.  I know I can.  I remember riding with my Papa when I was only four years old on Saturday mornings. No place to go, no place to be, just me and him spending time together.  I remember going to the movies every Saturday night during the summer while my parents were still married.  I remember the family gatherings we had every fall and winter at my grandparents home.  What would our lives be like if we didn't remember?  My family is faced with that now.  My Papa has alzheimers and his memory is fading.  It's so sad.  He sees people that he has known his entire life and he just can not remember who they are for nothing.  I sit and watch him and it breaks my heart.  I know it has to be frustrating for him.  Never sure of where he is, or where he's going. Unfamiliar faces, and trying so hard to put two and two together.  I have no idea how long blogging will last for me, but however long it lasts I hope to one day look back and be able to remember where I came from.  Remember the things that made me who I am.  Remember the sweet, priceless memories of my children.  

My photos are another memory.  No words spoken, a picture can bring back a thousand or more memories.  I could look through pictures day in and day out and remember the moment. One of my fondest memories of this year is the day I had Tucker.  I had my dear friend Kari, of Kari Vennard Photography, photograph the day for me.  I look at those pictures at least once a week.  Each time, the tears stream down my face.  As I look through them, I remember the day so vividly.  Each one is a true precious, priceless memory of that day.  I am grateful that I have those memories to cherish and pass on to my children and grandchildren one day.     
I not only use my blog and my photos as a way to remember, but little things in life make me remember.  Like the smell of Gain, makes me remember home.  The sound of a semi slowing down makes me remember the evenings I stood in the front yard waiting for my Dad or Papa to come home. The smell of Carter's book bag reminds me of school.  The smell of our yard now, reminds me of the fair... why you ask, well the cow poo has a distinct fair smell to it.  :)  The football that sits in Carter's toy box that says Baker County Wildcats, makes me smile as I remember the night I met Trav.  The green long sleeve shirt that still hangs in Travis' closet reminds me of the first night I met him.  Hearing an old classic country song, or Saturday night gold rush (Lindsey V & Jill.... I know you know what I'm talking about), reminds me of the Saturday nights we found ourselves on an old country dirt road with good friends and good times.  

Life.  It's about making memories, days to remember!!

Thank you Heather for these five words.  Anyone else interested in five, let me know and I'll set you up! 


Heather said...

Awesome post, Jennifer! I can't believe your boys slept long enough for you to write it!

I love blogging for the same reasons, along with meeting people along the way who share your interests and can laugh at your mommy-moments!

So glad you played along :)

Mrs. Bell said...

Fun fun,, my turn :)

oh and ps: you give me your kitchen and ill cook for yall every night,, because I LOVE TO COOK, just dont have a big enough space to make me a HAPPY cook...

junkfoodkids said...

You blog is really cute. Hope you keep up all the great work you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I always love to read comments from readers.

I struggle with dinner also. It's not that I don't like to cook. I enjoy it when I have the time. I struggle more with the planning. If I plan out what I want to cook ahead of time it's not a problem, but if I don't then it's tough. I'm usually too tired after a day of subbing or doing photography business that I don't feel like planning it out. On those days I resort to breakfast or frozen chicken fingers.
Thanks again for stopping by my blog! looking forward to checking more of yours out.