Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go away germs!

Here's a look at the most used items in our house for the past week!  My hands are starting to crack from all the soap, and bleach.  I'd rather have old cracked hands then to have sick children.  BRING ON THE BLEACH!!!!
It's been almost three weeks now since Tucker started with runny nose & congestion.  Last week we dealt with salmonella, and yesterday that was confirmed with the lab results.  I took Tucker back to the pediatrician yesterday in hopes of getting something to help him sleep better due to the cough and congestion he has.  Our nights have been pretty restless for the past week.  
Tuesday night, Carter came to our room at 1:00 a.m. and at 1:30 we were giving him meds for a 102.6 fever and vomiting.  Thirty minutes later, Tucker was up for an almost two hours coughing so hard he was almost vomiting.  I am beat!  I do not like having sick babies.  No one does, but you feel so helpless when they are sick. Carter's fever broke and he slept the rest of the night. When he got up the fever came back around 10:00, more meds and he was on the couch. I called the pediatrician to see about an appointment for Tucker, and hopefully for Carter as well.  

They both seemed fine between 11:00 and 3:00.  Then it started up again.  Carter's fever came back with a vengeance, and Tucker was coughing and sneezing constantly.  When we got to the pediatricians office, Carter's fever was really getting high.  He was so hot to the touch.  The office was full of children, and almost each one of them had fever.  They all looked so tired, drained, and helpless.  There were coughs everywhere, runny noses galore, and not enough tissues or hand sanitizer!!!  To make matters worse, the air was not working very well in the office.  

Finally they called us back.  Seriously, I've never seen our pediatricians office that chaotic.  We got back to the room and the nurse took Carter's vitals he had a fever of 104.9!!  That is the highest fever he has ever had.  He was so limp, and quiet.  They tested him for swine flu, and strep throat.  Both tests were negative.  His ears were clear, and his chest was clear.  The doctor said it was something viral and that if he was still running fever by Friday or Saturday that we needed to come back to their office.  I'm starting to feel like I need to decorate one of the exam rooms as our own. We've been there four times now in the past month.  We're starting to know everyone on a first name basis.  Dr. E said to just let Carter's illness run it's course, push fluids, and lots of rest.  

As for Tucker, he has an upper respiratory infection.  She gave him a prescription for amoxicillin which we are to do for ten days.  Should have started that last night but low an behold I get to the pharmacy and the computers went down around 6:00 and Dr. E sent the Rx request over around 6:15.  So, back to the pharmacy today to get that, and hopefully by this evening Tucker will start to feel a little bit better.  

All in all, we're just a sick bunch.  Travis also has the start of a cold.  He's achy, a light cough, and you can just look at him and tell he doesn't feel well.  I've been having just a bit of allergy type symptoms and I'm hoping they don't get any worse.  Carter informed last night that I could not get sick.  I know, right?  Today I'm disinfecting everything.  Our house smells like bleach, and lysol.  At least I know it's clean.  I'll probably be repeating the cleaning through the weekend in hopes of killing whatever is after us.  Bad part is, it's not even prime flu season yet!!!  I think we'll stay in our house until next spring.  If you need us, text us, LOL!

It is so hard to see your little ones sick.  They are so pitiful.  Their eyes so tired and weary, and the way the snuggle is more like a cry for help.  Praying that my little ones, and Travis get better really soon. My prayers are also with our little cousin B & her family.  She was diagnosed with the flu yesterday and she is only five.  I know her mom is worried sick, as any mom would be.  Please keep each of them in your prayers.

And now for our, well my, most valued item....

Thank you 8 o'clock for the power to keep going.  You are my energizer!! :)  

Hope all of you are doing well, and that you and your families are well!  God bless!


Kari said...

Bless your sweet heart! That's all I know to say. I hopeyou are all healthy soon!

Jessica said...

Hope you guys are feeling better soon!!

depth said...

poor babies! and poor mommy. hope you all get to feelin' better soon.

Heather said...

Poor them.

Poor you.

Poor checkbook (after all those co-pays and medications...).

Maybe you're getting it all out of your systems now, and you'll be healthy all winter long!

(One can hope, right?)

Courtney said...

I have so many of those germ fighting items in my classroom! Oy, especially with the swine flu going around, you can't be too careful!

Mrs. Bell said...

Aww, I hope yall get to feeling better soon!