Monday, September 28, 2009

Lester's Big Day, or maybe not.

Several months back Travis decided that he was going to start selling beef.  It only makes sense to do so, since we do live on a farm with beef cows.  Four little steers made their way to our home and day by day they were fed fresh hay, brew, and feed.  They went from being little things to huge, pudgy, fat (we'll call them healthy), fellas.  We ended up with only three because one was just crazy.  Everything about him was out of control.  He successfully messed up three gates within his first week of being here.  To say the least, he was out of here in no time.  

Each time we pulled in the driveway if it was close to time for their feed, they were sure to let us know they were there waiting.  They would moo, just as if they were talking to us.  Knowing that these guys had a purpose, I did my best not to get to close with them.  I didn't feed them like I do our sweet Lulla Belle.  

Last night, Papa & Mimi come over for dinner.  There was also a purpose for their visit.  They were there to decide poor old Lester's fate.  Lester you ask.  Well, somehow (and I'm not sure how), but Lester is the first steer that will make his way to the "end" today.  He's actually on his way there now.  Sad, I know but it's how it goes.  I don't even know how he got the name Lester.  I didn't know anyone even named him until last night.  I think Papa might have come up with that one.  Mimi & Papa filled out their form as to how they wanted their meat cut & packaged.  I chose to wash dishes and take Carter outside rather then being a part of this discussion.  

I am trying to be a good 'farm' wife.  I'm just wondering when on earth this farm living won't affect me anymore?!  Poor old Lester.  May he make a good steak & burger! :0  


Jessica said...

That would be really hard for me. I get attached to animals so easily, and I don't think I could do it.

Here's hoping it gets easier for sounds like you're doing well with it already.

Anonymous said...

No matter how many times we named our calves, they always ended up on someone's plate. They fulfilled their destiny and left this world a happier place. =)