Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jesus woke me up

A few nights back I was trying my best to talk Carter into staying in his bed that night.  He has really made coming to our room and sleeping a big habit.  So the other night I laid down with him and as we talked he told me he didn't like his room because he was scared.  I told him there was nothing to be scared of and he told me there were monsters & bad guys in his closet.  He said he didn't like being alone.  I told him we are never alone that Jesus is always with us and when we are scared we can talk to Him and ask Him to take away our fears.  He just grabbed my hand, closed his eyes and he was out.  

That night, he didn't get out of bed.  I think it was mainly because we put a clock in his room, and told him he had to wait for the alarm before he could get up.  It worked like a charm for several days.  Last night, it didn't work.  He was in our room around 3:00.  This morning I asked him why he got out of his bed and came to our room.  He replied, "It was Jesus Momma, He was waking me up and told me to come to your room!"  

Hmm... he's a sneaky little thing I tell you! ;)


Jessica said...

Oh, the things kids will say! Maybe you should tell him that he didn't hear Jesus right.....that what Jesus really wanted was to talk with him. Turn his awake time into prayer time? Maybe?

That's just too cute, though. I love it.

Jessica said...

Well, if Jesus told him then how can you argue with that?! He's got you on that one, lol ;)

Chris Reinolds said...

WOW. just wow.