Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We were a slippin' & a slidin'

Come on, sing it with me.  We were a slippin' & a slidin', ooooh.... okay, sorry I'll stop. 

Remember when you were a kid and on hot summer days nothing made you more happy then to find someway, anyway to get wet?  I remember we'd play with the water hose, swim in the pond, make mud pies, swim in the pool, the lake, any body of water we could find we would swim in it. Well, my children are just like me.  They love the water!  I believe that Carter is part fish, and Tucker well we'll just call him a tadpole, soon to be a big 'ole bull frog!  

After church we had Nana over for lunch, and then Carter insisted that we make our way outside. He wanted to play on his slip 'n slide.  The adults on the other hand just wanted to find the coolest spot of the yard with the most shade.  And those of you that know how we live here on Cow Bird Lane, know that we don't have many shade trees... none actually.  So, we just sat ever so hot on the porch and watched Carter enjoy his cool time.  

It wasn't long that Nana made her way to the slide with Tucker.  He loves being in water as much as Carter does.  He kicked and splashed and had a grand time.  He even fell over at one point, but never cried he just kept kicking and splashing!  Maybe I should check my kids for gills, maybe they are fish?!  

Summer is coming to an end, so the slip 'n slide will probably be retired until next Spring, soon. I'm sure Carter will push it til the very last day possible.  What on earth are we going to do come Fall/Winter to keep this kiddo busy?  Oh, how could I forget???  Hunting season is just around the corner, it'll be time for him to go with Daddy and who knows maybe I'll just get lucky & Tucker will decide to start sleeping in a little! :)  Quit laughing, it is okay for me to hope & dream.  



Lindsey said...

This is so cute! Love the water myself and was the same way as a kiddo..and mine is right there with me!:) Love the ones of Tuckerbear falling over so cute!

lesli said...

*your pics are always so cute!! i love the bright colors and sweet expressions you capture :) summer is definitely slipping away but i'm sure you'll find another creative way to keep your boys occupied soon!

Sebrina said...

I am lovin these pics as usual..Good for your family and mine we don't have a water meter and a bill that goes with it..


Jen, Love the post. Great water pics:)