Friday, November 6, 2009

I am thankful

I am thankful for my brother and sister.  Since moving out and getting married it seems our relationships are closer then they ever were.  My brother, always the quiet one.  Poor guy with two sisters never had a chance to get a word in edge wise.  He's quiet, yet the most giving person I know.  He's always willing to help and has the most forgiving heart I know of.  He is in school to be a pharmacist, not much longer and he'll have his degree.  He and his girlfriend will soon be purchasing the house we moved from last year.  It is only ten minutes from us, and I'm excited to have them so close by.  Maybe one day they'll have some kiddos of their own and they'll all get to grow up together.  Carter adores Jason and Megan, and they adore him. Tucker always greets both of them with a big smile, and soon there after Uncle Jason has to attack those chunky cheeks!!  

My sister is honestly the strongest, faithful Christian woman I know. Her knowledge of the bible amazes me.  She has a very humble spirit and people adore her.  She has a beautiful voice which she uses on a very regular basis while driving in the little small town of G-Vegas, better known as Graceville, Fla.  I love to see her laugh, and her smile is contagious.  She is the one person I know I can count on to pray for me and any situation I am facing.  She is a prayer warrior.  She can write an encouraging email or card better then anyone I know.  She is more then just a sister, she is my best friend.  She believes in me, she encourages me, and she loves me for who I am.  Even with all my imperfections she still finds the positive things to believe in and bring out.  My children adore her, and I know when the Lord sees fit she will have her own precious babies and I can't wait.  I would love to have her closer to home with the rest of us, but God has a specific plan for her and Kyle.  They are on their way home tonight for a visit, and I can't wait to see them!

God knew that the three of us would be different in every way possible.  I think that we compliment each other well.  Jason & Jessica (Megan & Kyle...the spouses), I love you all very much. You are a true blessing not only to my life but that of my husband and children as well.  I will always be here for you, you have all my love and support.  May God truly bless you all this holiday season!!

Love Always, 

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