Friday, November 13, 2009

Super deal, you don't want to miss!!!

I don't think I have ever met anyone that doesn't love a Yankee Candle.  They are the perfect candle.  There is a scent for everyone!  From light and crisp to floral, to my favorite the holiday scents.  I almost start to panic if I see that my supply of tarts, or jar candles starts to die down. I'm always looking for a sale, and when I saw this I couldn't dare keep it all to myself.  

There is a new coupon with Yankee Candle.  You buy two large jar candles, and get two free! You can not beat this deal.  Think about your Christmas shopping!  I'm sure there are a few people on your list that wouldn't mind a candle from Yankee!!  This offer is also good on-line, at


1 comment:

Christina said...

Yay! We got the coupon and already went last weekend to get 4 Yummy Yankee candles.